Pacot: Down on Democrats |

Pacot: Down on Democrats

It’s about freedom, liberty, and the Constitution just in case you’re being bombarded by the diversions/distractions/distortions of desperate Democrats from Summit County to Washington DC.

It’s no secret that Democrats (locals Dan Gibbs and Millie Hamner, Mark Udall, Governor Hickenlooper, and many others) are finding themselves on the losing side of the issues.

The collective assaults on our freedoms have reached an all-time high in our lifetimes. We have the Summit County Board of County Commissioners that forced the sale of the Barrie property via eminent domain to make the property an “open space” when it was surrounded by 2.2 million acres of White River National Forest. This is a fundamental assault on the Barries’ property rights by the commissioners including Dan Gibbs.

Going out in concentric circles from (but still including) Summit County we have the collective Democrat assaults on every Colorado citizen’s Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. Our HD61 representative Millie Hamner voted for every single one of the gun legislation bills. Rep. Hamner also voted for every single tax increase and voted against every single effort to decrease taxes.

At the next level of Colorado government we have Governor Hickenlooper who met only two pieces of legislation in his 3.5 years that he disliked enough to actually veto. Our governor signed every single piece of gun legislation, energy-sector crippling legislation, and numerous other bills that limit the ability of the private sector to create jobs and the middle class to prosper.

Last, but certainly not least is US Senator Mark Udall. Senator Udall was essentially the deciding vote for Obamacare (forcing every American to buy a product they may not want or need), and voted for legislation that would have limited American sovereignty and our 2nd Amendment rights in addition to supporting the Colorado gun legislation. He’s also voted for legislation that’s hamstrung the private sector, small business, and directly impacted not just the middle class but even the poorest among us.

I’m going to vote for the candidates that support, defend, and protect our Constitutional rights and that includes Allen Bacher for Summit County Commissioner, Debra Irvine for HD61 Representative, Corey Gardner for US Senate, and virtually any of the Republican candidates for Governor who would be far better for Colorado.

So when the Democrats try to run from their voting records and resort to diverting/distracting/distorting you need to remember this is nothing more than a political shell game to keep you from the truth of their tenure in office.

You can vote for candidates that think you belong to the government or candidates that think the government belongs to you.

It’s about liberty, it’s always about liberty.

Guy Pacot


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