Pacot: Millie Hamner’s heavy-handed ‘public forum’ a disservice to constituents |

Pacot: Millie Hamner’s heavy-handed ‘public forum’ a disservice to constituents

It seems that Rep. Millie Hamner is a bit confused about not only the Constitution where it concerns the Second Amendment, but about the definition of what a town hall meeting is as well. Her recent orchestrated open forum with Summit County residents was nothing more than a platform to again assert her beliefs and shut down discussion on anything else other than the softballs she’s used to being lobbed her way.

I sincerely doubt that most Summit County residents would agree with the stances on abortion that NARAL lobbyists push here in Colorado and DC, including but not limited to fighting against any restrictions on late-term abortions and some of them even opposing legislation to protect babies born alive after unsuccessful abortions. As for me and now the majority of Americans we choose to protect all human life from conception to natural death. The progressive left will fight tooth and nail to keep convicted murderers from the death penalty, but easily offer up the lives of the innocent unborn. There is something fundamentally hypocritical and wrong with that reasoning.

The laws passed by the Colorado Congress concerning gun legislation will ultimately make no one safer. This utopian idea of the progressive left that they can legislate evil out of existence by regulating the tools used to commit these heinous crimes have been proven to be a farce in the UK and Australia as gun violence is one the rise even after draconian firearm legislation.

The magazine laws in particular are so vague that virtually anyone with a magazine that has a removable baseplate (which is 99% of all firearm magazines) is deemed illegal by the new law, not to mention the lunacy behind trying to discern when a magazine was purchased. Make no mistake, these laws were designed for selective harassment and were poorly and hastily crafted.

As for me I’ll side with conservatives who fight to protect innocent human life and our freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution. Remember Rep. Hamner’s stances on the innocent unborn and your Second Amendment Constitutional rights when we select our next HD61 Rep.

Guy Pacot

Frisco, Colorado

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