Pacot: Political establishment lack respect for our liberties (letter) |

Pacot: Political establishment lack respect for our liberties (letter)

The events that unfolded at the Trump rallies this last week were absolutely indicative of what our society has degenerated into, the absolute intolerance of the progressive/liberal/socialist/totalitarian left on display and resorting to any means (virtually none of them honorable) to stop the exercise of any speech they disagree with.

Those of us that have sworn to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution find this not only offensive, but an actual denial of those freedoms that we have put our lives on the line and at risk to defend.

There is also another lack of respect of freedom of speech and that’s the Republican establishment refusing to respect or acknowledge the voices of the people within their party that are tired of their continual acquiescing and surrender despite their claims to the opposite. These feckless and spineless Republican leaders would not know true classical republicanism if they were struck in the face with it. They’re more interested in keeping things as they are in order to maintain their power and positions.

It’s time for those of us that believe in traditional American moral and spiritual values to stand up. It’s time for those of us that believe that our liberties and freedoms are bestowed upon us by our Creator and not granted by political elites that have no other end game than imposing their rule of a socialist or worse state on us.

Today more than ever constitutional integrity should be the acid test for president or any other federal, state or local candidate that you decide to support.

Don’t buy into the dumbed-down, sound bite political propaganda, but dig deep to find out who really has your liberties and freedoms at the top of their list to protect, defend and support. Suspect political speeches, give great credence to voting records.

It’s about liberty, it’s always about liberty.

Guy Pacot


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