Sawyer: Obamacare’s broken promises hit Summit County (column) |

Sawyer: Obamacare’s broken promises hit Summit County (column)

Seven years ago, Obamacare was passed with three promises: You can keep your doctor; you can keep your insurance, and your family insurance costs will drop by $2500 annually.

Today in Summit County and my town Frisco, the betrayal of these promises has come home to roost as employers are having to tell their long-term, faithful employees that the cost of Obamacare has gone through the roof and the employer cannot afford health insurance for his or her own family, let alone for you the employee.

Obamacare is fundamentally flawed:

First, it spent about a trillion dollars building one of our government’s largest bureaucracies. Obamacare did not add one doctor, one hospital, one emergency care clinic which lowers costs. All they added were increased cost to your health care and 10,000 IRS agents to make sure you paid a fine if you did not opt in to buy a worse health care product at a higher cost. This bureaucracy is so inept that the roll out of Obamacare was, is and continues to be a disaster, as evidenced by the suspension of Obamacare health care plans in Summit County and across the nation.

Secondly, Obamacare set up a two-tiered system of people who benefit from it and people who lose. The folks who really made out by Obamacare are our government employees who are supposed to be our servants. It started about three years ago when it was announce that congress and the rest of the federal government would be exempt from the cost increases associated with Obamacare. The government just paid the increase in cost and benefits by using your tax dollars or printing more money. An effective pay increase for every federal employee.

Third, this policy of keeping public employees immune from the ravages of Obamacare is alive and well in Summit County. Knowing that the Obamacare bomb was about to hit, the public employers in Summit quietly absorbed Obamacare costs for each employee into the county’s, school system’s, and town’s health insurance budgets. Again an effective pay raise for every public employee in the county. This quiet pay raise was paid for by you (you who saw at best astronomical health insurance cost increases or at worse total loss of your health care) through your considerable Summit County taxes.

To add to the misery of Obamacare, the counties largest health care provider, St. Anthony Summit Medical Center cut a deal with Summit County and the school system, by which the government was given preferred health care rates, to lock them in as preferred customers. That means all of you who no longer enjoy the benefits of health care insurance , and have to go to St Anthony, will pay higher costs to offset the lower costs enjoyed by Summit County and school system.

This tirade is not aimed at the hard working, honest, generous public employees of Summit County. They did not know. As a Frisco Town Council member, I am just madder than hell at the Robin Hood mentality of the federal officials who set this bomb off in our society and our so called press who never bothered to run the numbers and tell us what was about to happen.

They assumed you were to dumb to notice the difference. Mr. Obama told you 27 times that you could keep your doctor, your health insurance costs would go down and that you could keep your health insurance. There is a cure for this kind of lying. It is called vote the bums out. So next November, remember that your U.S. senator and your U.S. congressman voted for this mess. Remember the Summit County elected officials who knew this was coming and quietly protected themselves by buying down the increased costs and cutting a deal with St Anthony. Only you can make a difference.

Larry Sawyer lives in Frisco.

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