Schorr: Obamacare leads us out of the dark ages of insurance company squabbles |

Schorr: Obamacare leads us out of the dark ages of insurance company squabbles

In spite of the Republican Party and their corporate puppet masters doing everything possible to subvert the democratic and legislative process over the past three and a half years, it is still possible that ALL Americans may some day have access to health care. The Republicans have not been able to gut Medicare or Obamacare. Republicans long for the good old days when health insurers could automatically deny claims to enhance their bottom line while a claimant goes bankrupt or dies trying to fight them.

I had two such payable claims with two different insurers back in pre-Obamacare good old days. The first company denied my “first accident benefit” claim of $300 for a severely sprained ankle because they said I did not prove it was an accident. Is there a sprained ankle disease? It took six months and a lawyer to get reimbursed. The second company denied my $200 claim for preventive care required to be covered by Colorado law. It was an eight month battle for Dr. Shiffman to get paid. He closed his medical practice due to this routine.

My sister’s small business employer battled their insurance company for over a year while my sister was dying of cancer. The insurer finally paid for the cancer treatment, then jacked her employer’s premiums so high that he had to drop health coverage for all eight employees. My sister survived and now pays over one half her salary for a $15,000 out of pocket policy through Colorado’s high risk pool. She is uninsurable in the private market.

At least the Republicans accomplished one thing over the last three years. They ensured the right of a crazy person to buy an automatic weapon with a large magazine, its sole purpose being to efficiently slaughter a large number of human beings. They are not legal for hunting because we need to protect animal populations. Maybe we do have too many people. Most of these same Republicans have the audacity to say they believe in the teachings of Jesus.

Shun the democratic process, ignore rule of law (the Supreme Court), cling to weapons of mass murder, and justify it with religion. Shades of the Middle East. Ah, the good old days!

Tom Schorr


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