Schweri: David versus the GMO Goliath |

Schweri: David versus the GMO Goliath

After receiving my fourth mailing against Proposition 105, requiring labeling of genetically modified (GMO) foods, I feel compelled to respond. The lavish brochure reminded me of what a “David & Goliath” contest this is. Those opposing this measure (e.g., Pepsico, General Mills, and Monsanto), have virtually unlimited resources. Private citizens feel outgunned, but our desire to know what is in our food motivates us.

I may eventually feel that GMO foods do not need labeling. To date, however, there has not been sufficient independent research done on the effects of GMO’s on human health to support such a decision. Indeed, preliminary studies show that GMO’s may be involved in food allergies, gluten intolerance, leaky gut syndrome, etc. In the meantime, we are unwitting participants in a huge uncontrolled experiment that we cannot opt out of unless we can afford to buy exclusively organic or non-GMO Verified foods. Much of the independent non-industry research that has been conducted has been squelched or ignored.

We assume that our federal agencies entrusted with food safety would let us know if GMO’s were harmful. A proclamation in 1992 by the FDA (against its own scientists’ advice) that GMO foods are not significantly different than non-GMO foods, however, has allowed GMO-foods to escape rigorous testing. Interestingly, many of the officials in decision-making positions with the FDA, USDA, and EPA are former employees or lobbyists of companies with vested interests in the outcome. Two good resources concerning this are the movie “Genetic Roulette: the Gamble of Our Lives” and the website

I also support Proposition 105 so I can avoid participating in the destruction of our environment. Spraying of GMO crops with Roundup kills milkweed, the primary food of the Monarch butterfly, contributing to its decline.

Marge Schweri


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