SDN readers react to Breckenridge’s decision to fund child care scholarships |

SDN readers react to Breckenridge’s decision to fund child care scholarships

I believe Julie Olsen’s recent letter to the editor has it completely wrong on why funding was voted down for the Breckenridge day care giveaway program. She speculates that people just did not want their property taxes to go up in order to continue funding these day care free loaders. Not so. People don’t want to pay other family’s day care bills period. Cancelling funding and ending the current bloated program is why I voted no. It is irritating to see that those that have drained their neighbor’s bank accounts for so long to supplement their own lifestyle still want more, more and more. If they are foolish enough to think that a sales tax hike, or new town-levied income tax, would win voter approval, go ahead and put another dead-end idea on the next ballot and the intelligent voters of Breckenridge will vote it down also. The voters have spoken, can we please move on?

Amy Warren


Oh, my! It looks like a few Breckenridge daycare welfare recipients are coming out of the woodwork with their hands extended wanting more money from their neighbors to pay their daycare tab, despite the recent vote to cancel it. Let’s stop the whining and raise your children to be independent of government welfare programs. The vote to terminate the program sent a clear message that local taxpayers have no appetite to pay the expenses of raising other people’s children. The Breckenridge Town Council needs to abide by the vote and end the program now!

Marilyn Jenkins


Looks like Breckenridge voters decision to cut off funding for continued day care handouts has caught the attention of those that have been addicted to the public dole by our town government. Sometimes it is hard to break a bad habit. First we see Morgan Thompson’s Nov. 18 letter, then a more dramatic offering by Julie Olsen on Nov. 24. Both seem to imply that we can’t have a whole and lasting community without taking people’s income and giving it to those who can’t manage their family budget independently. That’s complete nonsense. Breckenridge’s long and successful history was not built on government handouts and a culture of dependency. Pioneers of yesterday and today’s hard working citizens and entrepreneurs have demonstrated the value and sustainability of financial independence. I suspect that the past family generations mentioned in Morgan Thompson’s did not drain money from their neighbors to raise their families. I’ll bet they managed within their means and enjoyed the self-esteem and freedom that independence from government aid brings. Let’s not corrupt our community by suggesting that if you spend more than you earn while raising your family that local taxpayers will hand you a crutch and put you on a gravy train. We can only have a whole and sustainable community if people retain the right and responsibility to manage their lives and families independently. Local public policy should foster opportunity creation and financial independence. It should not be used to provide small groups of self-interested constituents with scripts on how hard up they are and how tapping other people’s income will solve all their problems.

Richard Fore


Breckenridge is awash with money. Transferring money from affordable housing, which the voters approved, to child care, which the voters rejected, seems underhanded at best. I guess elections don’t have consequences! If our elected officials are not going to follow the will of the voters why go through with the charade of an election and simply put a suggestion box outside the county courthouse saving everyone’s time and effort. Why not transfer that $800,000 to another municipality in the county that could spend it for what the voters intended? Are the County Commissioners asleep?

Michael Orth


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