Severe: Obamacare unmasked and its true nature revealed |

Severe: Obamacare unmasked and its true nature revealed

The truth about the Affordable Care Act is, finally, coming to the forefront. Though criticized by some and defended by others, the fact is that it’s about instructing adults of this nation what is best for them in spite of individuals’ personal knowledge and choices. Many Democrat supporters are admitting that they knew what they were doing, the goal being to reduce choice and raise prices in the insurance market thus driving as many people as possible into government exchanges, making Americans more dependent on the government. In the meantime, so far, approximately 1.2 million previously insured adults have had their policies cancelled, leaving them without any health insurance coverage while the Obamacare enrollment system continues to fail. As a recent hip replacement patient, my wife has been informed by her orthopedic surgeon that he will no longer “be accepting Medicare and Medicare Replacemen/Advantage health insurance.” His reason: “Medicare reimbursement…has decreased 42% since 1985 and there is a mandated further reduction of 30%.” He has “little faith reductions will not continue and that the cost of the impending Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is going to impact Medicare in a negative way. After January 1, 2014, it will be necessary …to engage in a private contract…” for his services. So for all you seniors, who believe that President Obama knows what is best for you and wouldn’t mislead you, get out your checkbooks, because your Medicare benefits are going to be systematically reduced. Consider yourselves obsolete, unless medical costs are not a factor in your lifestyle!

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