Severe: Obama’s conundrum over the Affordable Care Act |

Severe: Obama’s conundrum over the Affordable Care Act

Obama’s conundrum

When I was a boy, I was apt to respond to my parents with some inane excuse for actions that I feared punishable. I blamed my brother, my dog, a neighbor or whomever my immature brain picked at the time.

It seems that President Obama has not outgrown that stage of life. He has a tendency to “fib.”

During a recent interview with Chris Matthews, of MSNBC, he implied that the botched roll out of Obamacare is the government’s fault, not his.

After five years in office, the prez has discovered that government is wasteful and inefficient, at least when he needs an alibi for his incompetence.

It is unfathomable that a “CEO” of an organization would not be attuned to the introduction and administration of the prized “product” of his tenure. In the private sector, that would be grounds for immediate termination. In the world of corporate giants, such a leader would be the laughing stock of his or her peers.

But Obama’s presidency, seemingly, is not the real world. As it was in the days of FBI Agent Elliot Ness — the prez is untouchable. His “board of directors,” i.e., Congress, is powerless and suffers from disorganized ineptitude. So, President Obama is allowed to continue his blustery path to national oblivion.

President Obama, the proponent of big government, has a conundrum. He would like to turn over, approximately, one-sixth of the economy for the government’s operation of Obamacare, but he has to admit, somehow, that the federal government is “outdated” and its agencies are not “designed properly.”

So, what are we to conclude? President Obama is not capable of managing the government, though he is the CEO, because it is too large, unwieldy, complex, inefficient and wasteful, while admitting that he, oftentimes, does not know what is going on under his watch.

The president will never specifically hold anyone responsible for Obamacare’s disastrous roll out, because in so doing it would expose where the blame actually lies. As the vast majority of us know, it is directly at his feet.

Don Severe


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