Severe: Stopping all senseless slaughter |

Severe: Stopping all senseless slaughter

Stopping all senseless slaughter

I have resisted involvement in the lightening-rod issue of abortion, but I wish to make an observation. Let’s call it women’s right to choose vs. citizen’s rights to gun ownership. Both have been addressed by the U.S. Supreme Court. Concerning the gun control issue, I hear and read such statements as “we must stop the senseless slaughter.” Unfortunately, there are tragic accidental shootings involving children. And the numbers of murders in cities such as Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit, Washington, D.C., et al. are appalling. As tragic as some of these deaths are, the number of murders by firearms in the U.S. pales when compared with the number of children killed each day by abortions, many of which are selective birth control rather than remedial rape or the health issues. Abortions are justified as a woman’s right to choose vis-à-vis the Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade. There are several Supreme Court decisions favoring Second Amendment rights as well. Seemingly, many liberals consider abortions acceptable, regardless when occurring in the pregnancy cycle. Planned Parenthood reported over one million babies killed by abortions over the past three years. During that same period of time, there were approximately 27,000 deaths in the U.S. caused by firearms … including murders and accidents. The vast majority of firearms deaths were committed in inner-city areas, black on black as well as by drug dealers and other gang members with illegally obtained guns. According to the CDC, over 40,000 late-term abortions (deaths) occurred in the U.S. during that same three year period. Scientific evidence determined that fetuses have a heartbeat at six weeks and at 20 weeks feel pain. So, those stating “we must stop the senseless slaughter” surely would agree that statement would apply to abortions (late-term abortions) as well as (illegal) firearms … or they would be considered hypocrites!

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