Shame on the Supreme Court for gay marriage decision (letter) |

Shame on the Supreme Court for gay marriage decision (letter)

Re: Carrie Brown-Wolf’s July 20 column, “Backlash against gay marriage

We sit here as Americans today with another polarizing decision from the U.S. Supreme Court. In writing the decision for the four other assenting justices, Justice Anthony Kennedy got to redefine the word marriage for the citizens of the USA — which I will never accept nor uphold — and I believe most American’s would take issue with.

Not only do I not accept his definition, I think the framers and writers of our U.S. Constitution must be rolling in their graves over this decision. I believe most people still today would define marriage as a relationship between a man and a woman.

The author of the “Backlash against gay marriage” article references the Bible and what Jesus of Nazareth would have said or done on the gay marriage situation — clearly showing she has no educated idea of the Bible or Jesus of Nazareth, and I don’t have the room here to educate her. She should read The Gospel of John, chapter 8, verses 1-11, for a quick insight to Jesus earthly mission. It’s about mercy and forgiveness. It’s not about anything goes.

The dilemma we face going forward is which one of our constitutional rights have precedence over the other. Our civil rights or our religious rights?

I believe this could have been resolved with the term “civil union” for same-sex couples, with all the civil rights and protections of married couples, but it wasn’t — and for a reason. There is an agenda on the part of our secular culture and social elite (nonbelievers), which I see evidence that the five assenting justices are members of, and that agenda is to take God and religion out of the public square and confine it to buildings of worship.

I pray that our Lord will continue to have mercy on the citizens of the USA and provide us with leaders to take on this secular progressive agenda.

Chuck Abrams


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