Shelton: Dupuy misunderstands basic facts of Hobby Lobby case |

Shelton: Dupuy misunderstands basic facts of Hobby Lobby case

Dupuy misunderstands basic facts of Hobby Lobby case

Tina Dupuy’s op-ed serves to perpetuate the war on Christians now so popular in the mainstream media. The embedded misinformation would be funny, of course, among the uninformed masses. What she leaves out, and what the network media ignores surrounding the “truly misguided Hobby Lobby decision,” is that the lawsuit centers on just four of the 20 “birth control drugs” available. The four drugs in question are a “morning after” pill, which aborts an unplanned fetus. The other 16 birth control drugs were not an issue in the Hobby Lobby suit. Hobby Lobby’s insurance covers all 16 of those for their employees. That doesn’t sound like the “they shouldn’t be having sex” mentality that Ms. Dupuy asserts. Quite the contrary. Based on the lawsuit one can safely assume they are OK as a company with their employees having sex, but they’re not OK with paying for their employees’ misjudgments and decisions which then result in terminating a baby’s life. The Supreme Court decided that it is the right of Hobby Lobby’s owners not to be a party to terminating the life of an unborn child, based on their religious beliefs. The public is being brainwashed by the mainstream media, and “columnists, and “stand-up comics” to the point that they will apparently believe just about anything. I don’t know if Ms. Dupuy believes what she is writing is actually true, or if she is trying to be funny, but both her “humor” and baseless presumptions leave me limp. Seriously now … the inference in her column would suggest that politics is going to influence how much or how often men and women want to have sex? I can just imagine. . . “Hey honey, you’re looking good, but, I’m a Republican and I don’t believe in birth control and so I’m not going to hit on you, try to take you home and bring us both some pleasure.” No way. This would not happen in the real world.

Ron Shelton


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