Summit County GOP chairman: Amendment 66 is a dead end |

Summit County GOP chairman: Amendment 66 is a dead end

Here are my proposed solutions to a slew of problem currently facing Coloradans:

• Amendment 66 is a dead end. Better to provide incentives for charter schools along with a voucher system that allows parents to choose which schools they want their kids to attend, thereby rewarding good teachers with higher pay and providing better results in the classroom. Start a pay-for-performance compensation package for teachers so that the best teachers make the most money without the restrictions and mediocrity of a union-supported tenure system. And allow more parents to be involved in the schools more often. When parents model learning achievement, kids will aspire to greater academic success.

• Even though our voting districts have been extremely jerrymandered over the past several decades, it is crucial to elect conservative candidates who represent the limited government, free-market enterprise and traditional constitutional values that most Coloradans believe in. It is important that the number of registered conservative voters is maximized in all districts. This will return balance and true representation to the legislature and avoid the need for many counties statewide to seek separate statehood.

• The Summit Daily News could sponsor Lincoln-Douglas style debates in a public forum where relevant issues of contention could be debated openly and honestly without the biased interpretation of print and electronic media.

• As conservatives, we believe that a Godly moral code will bring people together in a considerate, caring culture. We believe in charity, helping those less fortunate, strong family ties, hard work, staying employed, faith in the God of our Founders and equal treatment of all races, religions and incomes. If we practice these values in our daily lives, we will see a more compassionate, civil community and we’ll perpetuate the most benevolent civilization in human history.

• In order not to lose the constitutional republic established by our Founding Fathers to an all-consuming Big Brother Western European socialism, we believe in personal responsibility, We The People not we the government, private enterprise, jobs creation, individual freedom not government oppression, patriotism under the U.S. Constitution, limited governments that protect us but don’t control us and government that stays out of our personal moral decisions.

Kim McGahey

Summit Republicans Chairman

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