Summit County Republican chairman blasts Millie Hamner’s ‘pro-abortion hustle’ |

Summit County Republican chairman blasts Millie Hamner’s ‘pro-abortion hustle’

The town hall meeting given by Rep. Hamner (D) District 61 on Friday was another example of her bait and switch lack of transparency. On the pretense of an open-forum town hall meeting, she hid behind an hour long pro-abortion hustle and then refused to take questions about anything other than “women’s health issues”

Since I wasn’t allowed to ask open questions in her closed town hall meeting, I’d like to ask them here. Her August 21 SDN article called the liberal legislation she voted for “gun safety” when really it was “gun control.” Wasn’t her label a disingenuous misrepresentation intended to sugar coat government control of firearms in order to make it sound politically acceptable? Before these unnecessary liberal laws, didn’t Colorado already have some of the safest gun regulations in the country?

And if Colorado loves these liberal gun control laws as much as she says in her article, then why are Democratic legislative party leaders being recalled, why do 54% (SDN article 8/24/13) of Colorado voters object to them and why are several counties trying to secede from Colorado to form a more conservative state as a direct result of these restrictive laws?

Isn’t it obvious that the liberals in the Colorado legislature simply wanted to jam their progressive agenda down our throats because they control the House, the Senate and the governor; just like Obamacare got jammed down our throats at midnight on Christmas Eve by a power-mad Congressional Democratic supermajority with a law that a plurality of voters clearly didn’t want?

I want open, transparent government and true debate of the relevant issues in the public square without the sweet fake smile of political correctness to cover up the critical realities of our eroding state values.

Kim McGahey

Chairman, Summit County Republicans

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