Summit Cove solar flare-up: Crazy energy and the point of no return |

Summit Cove solar flare-up: Crazy energy and the point of no return

The result of Monday’s meeting just goes to show how little the assailants know about renewable technology and the positive impact PPA projects provide. Having worked in the renewable energy field, I am quite familiar.

Will solar panels cause cancer due to electromagnetic radiation? Absolutely not. The high-voltage power line running directly above your house is more likely to cause damage.

Will foreign investors make millions on this project? No. The investors, I found, are from Aspen and strictly finance renewable energy projects for tax exempt entities, such as schools, at a low profit yield due to the nature of a young industry with marginal government incentives. Yes, they are trying to make money in a capitalist economy. Does your source of income attempt to positively progress our society and preserve our choking environment?

Is Summit Cove a targeted location to dump these “ugly looking” panels while other County School District locations reap the benefits? Hard to imagine. Electrical usage, existing infrastructure, and orientation play a large role in site determination. Poor Boulder with their views from the Flatirons ruined because of a coal power plant which provides your electricity. Coal which most likely comes from gas guzzling heavy machinery destroying beautiful Virginia mountain tops before it is shipped across the country to be burned in someone else’s backyard and transmitted across miles of power lines (causing cancer induced by electromagnetic radiation, right?). By the time it reaches your house, a meager fraction of the original source has been converted to energy.

What agitates me most? As many have recently done, I went to the site to see how awful these panels looked. While trying to focus on the solar arrays and not the dilapidated fences failing to cover up defunct piles of snowmobiles in neighboring backyards, a resident was leaning against the construction fence swearing obscenities at the defenseless sub-contractors! This one-sided verbal assault continued until the county sheriff was forced to intervene. Are you kidding me? You missed several opportunities to voice your opinion and now you yell at innocent workers and not the proper officials who can help you?

The truth is, as a society we consume way more than our planet can afford to expend and we are fast approaching our “event horizon” or point of no return. A few good people are working tirelessly to improve our current situation and provide a better education for your children. How people oppose this is beyond me, but, if you choose to do so, the least you can do is educate yourself on the subject and act in a civilized manner.

Who else finds it ironic that Summit Cove residents are “up in arms” over the aesthetics of renewable energy while benzene, a proven carcinogen, currently creeps towards their faucets after a 4,000 gallon oil spill occurred on Loveland Pass?

Ever seen a solar energy spill? We call it a nice day.

Andrew Horton


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