Summit Daily letters: Suicide in Summit County |

Summit Daily letters: Suicide in Summit County

Suicide in Summit County

Tone it down. Soften it up. Prescribe the necessary medications. Talk it over and over until they feel comfortable enough to check the box that says “Not a threat to harm themselves,” then repeat the process until they can do 5 principles for living and 10 goals for being a productive citizen.

What happens when this philosophical addendum is not enough? What happens to those who want something more out of life than a clinical affirmation that they are “OK” or at least going to be okay sometime in the future? What is the alternative?

Elevate your game. The times, they are a changing. What worked before for all works for fewer now because the world is a much more suicidally-prone place now.

Dear suicider,

Welcome to the ride of your life. Not somebody else’s, but yours. It begins when you are born. It ends when you die. Here’s the kicker — it’s your responsibility to decide when it ends.

There’s a reason you’re still here — you want to know what it all means and can you deal with all the pain and suffering to find out? Remember this: You are unique, and nobody else will ever understand you or be you because it’s your job to understand yourself. As you do you have the right to declare loudly whenever someone else tries to steal your thunder with “I understand,” you declare with everything in you, “Oh, no you don’t!”

In that declaration is the freedom to live your life to the fullest in the midst of the pain and the suffering. You choose to ride it out to the end — whether there is a magic land awaiting or oblivion — for in so doing, you come to know the truth of why you were here. How can this be?

Because I know what you are going through. No, I don’t understand!

What I do understand is I’ve gone through enough to know I’m going to live it out with every bit of energy I’ve got left until that last breath my body exhales releases me into something or nothing. That’s who I am, and, as such, I have the right and responsibility to declare it in the face of all those who think they understand me but don’t and to all those fellow “suiciders” who are “standing on a slide zone falling through a time zone.” (Moody Blues circa 1970s)

Charles ‘Bud’ Hill

Summit County

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