Summit Daily letters: Summit Community Care Clinic thanks its supporters |

Summit Daily letters: Summit Community Care Clinic thanks its supporters

Care Clinic thanks its supporters

Much of the Summit County community may know that the Summit Community Care Clinic has been experiencing a shortfall in its budget and struggling to maintain current services levels under the increasing pressure of rising numbers of uninsured residents in our community. It’s been a challenging time and the Care Clinic continues to fight on, to provide incredible services and high-quality health care for our neighbors, friends and families.

There is an ongoing and long-term struggle for the Care Clinic to provide these services. The need for affordable and quality health care continues to rise. With future increasing insurance premiums and continued high costs of living, the clinic will remain in a precarious situation and continue to depend greatly on this community. Support for the Care Clinic remains critical, as access to health care becomes an even greater issue for Summit County.

I am writing today, in the midst of the ongoing challenge, to express tremendous gratitude to our towns and county, who have each recently made a significant contribution to the Care Clinic. These contributions from Summit County Government, town of Breckenridge, town of Silverthorne, town of Dillon and town of Frisco, have totaled $200,000 back to the Care Clinic, in addition to their financial support already given from grants and annual contributions.

This support is remarkable. It speaks volumes of our governing entities and of their tremendous investment in continuing to provide critical resources for our residents. Without this kind of leadership and commitment, the Care Clinic would not be looking at its 24th year of service to the Summit County community. Thank you for the continued partnership and support of the Care Clinic’s work.

Pat Kopystainskyj, RN

Summit Community Care Clinic Board President

Frisco character and zoning density

In 1990, looking to move my parents closer to their children, I purchased a beautiful home for my parents and moved them from a small town in Western Pennsylvania to an idyllic neighborhood on the border of the town of Frisco, Wiborg Park. My parents spent the last quarter of their life being “neighbors.” The proposal to stuff four units on a parcel whose neighbors have one, although “to code,” mocks the stated mission of the building code of the planning commission to “maintain character.” This developer looks to maximize his profitability at the expense of those neighbors who chose to live in a community that embraced its beauty. This is shameful opportunism.

R. Richard Coughlin


Courage, determination and ColoradoCare

America, a country founded on personal freedom, enjoys a quality of life coveted by many countries. Education is valued here, and all children attend neighborhood schools. Why is it that we don’t feel the same way about access to health care? We care only about ourselves, finding health insurance for our own family, then turning a blind eye to our fellow Americans who cannot afford health care and are unable to see a doctor. I am ashamed that our nation is the only industrialized country in the world who does not provide health care access to all of its citizens.

We have a chance to change this unbelievable atrocity in our country. We can start at the state level by supporting a brilliant plan by the name of ColoradoCare. ColoradoCare will be operated and governed like a cooperative business, a business owned and run by the people it serves, the citizens of Colorado. All residents of Colorado will be able to see a doctor, no matter what the circumstances, and the bill will be paid by ColoradoCare. It doesn’t matter if a person is unemployed, between jobs, a child, or a senior. Everyone is covered, 100 percent of the time.

I urge all of you to read more about ColoradoCare by going to the website On Nov. 8 you have the opportunity to turn this plan into reality by voting yes on Amendment 69. Together, we can make this dream come true for Colorado. Let’s not let irrational fears stop us from making the right decision. In the words of Harry S. Truman, “America was not built on fear. America was built on courage, on imagination, and an unbeatable determination to do the job at hand.”

Linda Uhle


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