Summit Daily letters: Summit County pediatrician supports ColoradoCare |

Summit Daily letters: Summit County pediatrician supports ColoradoCare

Summit County pediatrician supports ColoradoCare

A weight has been lifted off my shoulders! I now qualify for Medicare! I no longer have to worry about medical bankruptcy or draining my retirement and savings for huge medical expenses. I wish everyone could feel as good as I feel knowing that my health care is affordable. Too bad I had to wait until I turned 65!

I want everyone to feel like I do. This is why I am supporting Amendment 69, ColoradoCare. As a pediatrician, 55 percent of my patients are on Medicaid. I wish everyone was! Although I don’t get paid much, I’m happy that these families can see a doctor and get the medication they need. ColoradoCare will reimburse providers at competitive levels to maintain access to all the physicians and hospitals we have now.

Some people say the government can’t do anything right, that we need competition to have a healthy marketplace. Well, I don’t hear anyone complaining about Medicare, and the administrative costs are 6 percent, instead of 18-30 percent with private insurers. That’s why they can pay their CEO’s $60 million a year.

Some people say they don’t want single payer because our Canadians friends have to wait in long lines. Well, much of that is insurance industry propaganda. Take into consideration how much less is spent on health care in Canada, and how much healthier they are, I think we can do better with all that we spend. Consider that here in Colorado we have many more specialists that in Canada, so services will continue to be as available as of now. Although now health care is only available if you can afford insurance or pay cash. That excludes about 20 percent of us here in our area. Are 20 percent of Canadians waiting in line for medical care?

Check out the website and join the campaign. Everyone deserves access to medical care.

Christine Ebert-Santos, MD MPS


Grousing about defense bill rider

I strongly agree with Garrett Reppenhagen’s position on the unnecessary, unrelated, and harmful sage-grouse amendment in the National Defense Authorization Act. I know Coloradans care deeply about wildlife and preserving our natural heritage and do not support using the NDAA as a vehicle to push through an effort to drive an iconic wildlife species to extinction. I am in fact proud to say I am one of those Coloradans. Back in April 2015, I was part of a group who participated in the Greater Sage Grouse Lek Tour hosted by Conservation Colorado. Our mission was to not only increase awareness of the beauty and majesty of the greater sage grouse, but also their plight as an imperiled species, as well as their importance as an alarm to the destruction of the sagebrush habitat. However, little did I know that I would also be treated as a theater guest to one of the natural world’s greatest performance. Although you could not see them at first, the sounds they made were mesmerizing and were in perfect rhythmic sequence. As the sun rose, we could see them in all their wonder, without showing any unrest over their observers. It was an amazing experience, one that I would hope our members of Congress would have someday so they could see how important it is to save this imperiled species and its habitat, and both must be protected. Therefore, I support Mr. Reppenhagen’s position that the amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act is completely unrelated to our national defense and everything to do with destruction minded politicians who are more interested in advancing their own causes than passing beneficial legislation.

Alex Marks


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