Summit Daily letters: The side effects of ColoradoCare |

Summit Daily letters: The side effects of ColoradoCare

The side effects of ColoradoCare

As with any new proposal, there are always unexpected side effects.

Regarding providers, there is no guarantee they will accept ColoradoCare insurance. They are not obligated to agree to the lower single-payer compensation. This means Coloradans will be paying for something they cannot use.

Regarding the insurance pool, healthy people may choose to leave the state to avoid excessive taxation. Combined with more unhealthy people moving into the state in search of coverage, this could result in a pool of insureds who consume large volumes of health care. Successful insurance pools depend upon a balanced mix of both healthy and unhealthy participants in order to be sustainable.

There does appear to be any incentive for Coloradans to manage their own health through personal lifestyle choices. Just a flat 10% tax on all income for all residents. Even those who are employed will pay 10% on all non-employment income such as dividends, retirement plans, rental income or any other type of income aside from their regular wages.

While I support access to necessary healthcare when needed and unavoidable, ColoradoCares, also known as Amendment 69, does not look like the answer to me. I intend to vote no on 69.

Tom Castillo


ColoradoCare worth your consideration

The Sept. 18 Summit Daily story regarding the Summit Community Care Clinic’s financial uncertainty comes at a time when we are debating the pros and cons of the upcoming ballot initiative Amendment 69 , which would bring access to health care to all Colorado residents. Period.

I admit that it is a complex and controversial proposal. Neither I, nor anyone else, can say with certainty where such a program will stand five years from now. However I can say with fair certainty that the status quo is unacceptable for too many in our country and we know that this is even more acute for the residents of our mountain communities. The forecast is for continuing increases in insurance premiums and likely worsening of access to care under our current for-profit insurance system. Health care as a business or commodity is not working for too many people.

ColoradoCare brings a promising solution. It raises your taxes but in my opinion for the majority of us it will be more than offset by the huge insurance premiums we are now paying. As a grassroots health care provider for more than 40 years I see significant savings in such a one-payer system which would rid us of the incredibly complex, costly and wasteful system in place.

I work at the Care Clinic and daily I see people who have limited access to specialty and other reasonable health care beyond our capabilities as a primary care provider. The Care Clinic is a wonderful resource for our community and I appreciate the support we have received. Under ColoradoCare I envision clinics like ours and other providers throughout the state to deliver more efficient, affordable and quality care to all.

Please read about the initiative online at It takes some time to understand the proposed changes but is well worth your time as a voter. You will not be able to make a reasonable decision in the voting booth if you have not read about this before voting. This is a big deal. Make an informed decision. This is not socialized medicine. Learn about it!

James Oberheide


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