Summit Daily letters to the editor: A breath of fresh air and reefer madness |

Summit Daily letters to the editor: A breath of fresh air and reefer madness

The diverse and the dedicated

My wife and I spent this past Memorial Day at the National Cemetery in Santa Fe. It was a beautiful, bluebird morning, perfect for walking through the symmetry of rows and rows of white grave markers. Reading the names engraved on the stones, I am struck by how many are Hispanic: Baca, Sanchez, Garcia, Montoya, Gonzales, Padilla, Martinez, Duran and so many more. I’m guessing that as many as 50 percent are Hispanic (This is New Mexico, after all).

Friday evening, the Santa Fe news was focused on the attack by Trump regarding New Mexico’s republican governor, Susana Martinez. This self described Latina Republican declined to attend his rally earlier in the day. Following Trump’s slanderous comments on Gov. Martinez was a report on him attacking federal judge Gonzalo Curiel, who is presiding in a lawsuit related to the discredited Trump University. Trump called the judge hostile, suggested his position may be the result of his stance on border security, with Trump carefully noting Curiel’s ethnicity. Curiel’s crime seems to be that though he was born in East Chicago, Indiana, his parents were Mexican.

The United States is a great country. Arguably not perfect, but still great. Simply put, we are also a country of immigrants. And, on Memorial Day, we remember the people of many nationalities who served in the United States armed services, some of who made the ultimate sacrifice, dying so we could live free and thrive.

Regardless of your political or religious affiliation, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or economic status, this Memorial Day, carefully consider who we are as a nation and what we stand for. And be thankful that we have the right to consider (and hopefully reject), those who stand in stark contrast to all that is so great about our country.

Greg O’Neill


New column on faith a breath of fresh air

Thank you SDN for adding the weekly column of “Walking Our Faith” by Suzanne Elizabeth Anderson.

I thoroughly enjoy her column every Saturday as a change of pace from the same old (but important) SDN stuff. We are fortunate to have so many welcoming churches in our community and a strong community of fellowship that Suzanne is sharing in her column. It is a positive and enjoyable experience learning about her shared journey of rediscovering the meaning of faith, our life purpose and spiritual growth.


Kathie Kralik


Summit Daily has reefer madness

I enjoy the Summit Daily News, I read it front to back, almost everyday. It is an asset to this community. The children, youth, and young people of this community are a valuable asset, as well, and not to be taken for granted.

While this newspaper does a fine job highlighting the work of our Summit School system and the achievements of our students academically and in sports, it is not doing our children, youth and young adults any favors by featuring front page pictures and ads about marijuana.

Twice in the past few weeks, there have been pictures on the front page of this paper of “weed” — one was a full-page spread! We all know it’s here, including our kids. This does not need to be called to our attention. If we, all of us as a community, want to help our young people grow up here with a lower risk of depression, suicide and substance abuse, I believe part of the answer is to stop giving them the impression that alcohol and marijuana are acceptable and harmless.

I am asking the Summit Daily News to do their part. Put the healthy future of our kids ahead of headlines or profit. Refrain from putting “pot pictures” and advertising on the front page! These things can easily fit elsewhere in the paper.

Nancy Bender


* * *

Really? A front page picture of a couple getting high at their wedding?

I understand that marijuana is now part of our culture. I even voted for legalization in the (false) hope that it would drive out cartels and provide financial resources to go after the dirt who sells drugs to kids.

But to glamorize weed — or alcohol — on the front page? Do you ever think about what you’re telling our kids? Does SDN even consider professional responsibility?

Dave Newkirk


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