Summit Daily letters to the editor: Clinton a deeply flawed candidate (column) |

Summit Daily letters to the editor: Clinton a deeply flawed candidate (column)

Clinton a deeply flawed candidate

I am writing this because I am concerned and to some degree amazed as to what is going on in the current election.

I was, until recently, a resident of Breckenridge. I lived there for 23 years, so I am aware of just how “progressive” Summit County has become. It is amazing to me to see how much the media sways the public attitude on various issues.

I don’t know if the schools are having a big affect on thought process or if it happens at home. With the extreme importance of the upcoming election an issue, it would seem to me that voters would want do a little research themselves on the election. What is being told or not told on the networks is important.

Chris Cuomo of CNN said what everyone already knows: “We, CNN, have to help Hillary anyway that we can.” Hillary says that she has the experience to be president and should be the choice.

The question here is experience at what?

Letting Americans be killed at Benghazi because she could not make a decision to go is not the experience that is needed. Exposing sensitive email to the hackers of the world is not the experience needed. Treating the White House staff rudely is not the experience needed. Threatening the women Bill Clinton abused is not the experience needed. Exposing Libya to ISIS is not the experience needed. Starting the process of the unpopular Iran deal is not the experience. Getting personal donations from Saudi Arabia and other foreign governments through the Clinton Foundation is not experience we want.

Hillary said that the Clintons were in poor shape financially when they left the White House. But now, they very rich. Is this due to the dealings of the Clinton Foundation?

Recently, one of Clinton’s staffers was killed in Washington D.C. right after sensitive information was released by Wikileaks. It was not a robbery, and it was implied that he was the source of the leak.

Obama was a first term Senator with no experience at all in the duties of being President. Look at where we are now: Poor job market results, greater debt that ever before, more racial unrest than before, poor military decisions made — against advice of military commanders — and being unable to clearly identify the ISIS enemy.

So my question to you is, do want more of the same? Hillary has said that she will continue his policies, increase taxes and continue to build the size of the federal government. Is that what you want? Trump says that he would decrease taxes and get the energy production back on track. He wants to create jobs and get people back to work again. What is wrong with that? Trump has created jobs before. Has Hillary done that?

James Cowles


ColoradoCare fills physician RX for broken health system

Soon, Colorado citizens will decide whether to support the current insurance system or muster the courage to change the entire system.

The Colorado Medical Society has been dedicated to advancing the profession of medicine and to caring for the people of Colorado. In 2006, the CMS House of Delegates recognized that: “The health care system in Colorado is broken, and the entire system needs to be reformed. Working only on one part will cause problems in other areas.” The delegates then approved the CMS Guiding Principles of Health System Reform:

1. Coverage: Health-care coverage for Coloradans should be universal, portable and mandatory.

2. Benefits: An essential benefits package should be uniform, with an option to obtain additional benefits.

3. Delivery system: The system must ensure choice of physician and preserve the patient/physician relationships. The system must focus on providing care that is safe, timely, efficient, patient-centered and equitable.

4. Administration and governance: The system must be simple, transparent, accountable, efficient and effective in order to reduce administrative costs and maximize funding for patient care. The system should be overseen by a governing body that includes regulatory agencies, payers, consumers and care givers, and that is accountable to the citizens.

5. Financing: Health-care coverage should be equitable, affordable and sustainable. The financing strategy should strive for simplicity, transparency and efficiency. It should emphasize personal responsibility as well as societal obligations due to the limited nature of resources available for health care.

We believe that ColoradoCare, Amendment 69, can achieve the principles listed above and will replace the present adversarial relationship between physicians and insurers. ColoradoCare will improve health care across the state via a working health-care system in Colorado that benefits both patients and providers.

Please vote yes for ColoradoCare, Amendment 69, on Nov. 8.

Ben Vernon

MD, FACS, past president of the Colorado Medical Society

Laird Cagan

MD, FACP, past president of the Boulder Medical Society and Physicians for ColoradoCare co-chair

Mark Matthews

MD FACP, Physicians for ColoradoCare co-chair

Affordable housing in Summit

I see that Breck has been considering housing in other than residential zoning. This is an example of the real power of municipalities to encourage effective workforce units.

Re-zoning of light industrial or commercial properties to a reasonable residential density could bring the private sector into the development picture. Push back from NIMBY groups is typically minimized as there is a built-in buffer between the neighborhoods.

Again, rental apartments (w/possible consideration to rent stabilization) is a more sustainable response to providing a market for workforce housing.

Ira Tane


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