Summit Daily letters to the editor: Enough of the ‘Weed Wonderland’ coverage |

Summit Daily letters to the editor: Enough of the ‘Weed Wonderland’ coverage

Enough of the ‘Weed Wonderland’ coverage

Wow! You just can’t say enough to about pot.

Weed weddings, bud photography and weekly coverage of legalization condone and encourage its use and sale. I am exhausted by it, but that’s not enough. You are publishing a magazine and sending me notification. I don’t want it! Keep your spineless hoopla to yourself!

I teach young minds and raise two, as well! I would never allow such constant coverage of alcohol to filter into their daily lives, but it’s okay with marijuana. I would never drive Highway 9 with a glass of Merlot, but it is acceptable for the driver next to me to toke up. I would never get wasted and ski with my children, but, if visitors want to do that, it’s encouraged. Heck, it’s Colorado!

“Welcome to the Weed Wonderland,” states your constant coverage and imagery. It is not surprising your articles are filled with terrible grammar and misspellings! You lack the critical thinking and forward-mindedness of true journalists. You are potheads, truly, and prove it daily with your college-level imagery and celebrations. I’m so sad for you, your focus and the image you present of our home.

This is a time for critical thinking and reflection. I cannot help but link the Stanford rape, the father who seeks sympathy for his rapist son and the hateful destruction of hundreds of lives in Orlando to a lack of critical thinking and reflection.

How do our daily comments, interests and activities propel hate or harm? Pot seems harmless, but what is the larger and future effect on our lives, our homes, our children and our county? Continue to embrace this culture blindly; however, I will use your ridiculous coverage to foster important conversations and raise questions with my children.

Jeri Chapin

Mom, elementary teacher and resident


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