Summit Daily letters to the editor: Lost in the back country |

Summit Daily letters to the editor: Lost in the back country


Along came Marmins

In local elections, voters have always focused on issues that affect their particular municipality. State or national issues normally do not come into play. The political affiliation of a candidate should never come into play. What is most important to a voter is whether a candidate’s ideas, proposed actions, or proposed changes will truly benefit the municipality in which the voter lives. This is how citizens of Silverthorne have always evaluated local candidates.

Along came Marmins, telling people to vote for him for the Silverthorne Town Council because he is of a certain political affiliation. This is insulting to all of the citizens of Silverthorne, regardless of their political affiliation. We vote for the candidate that we feel will do whatever is best for the town and its citizens. Or, has Marmins changed things?

Have you followed the letters to the editor and articles challenging Marmins’ outrageous and unsupportable statements and claims? If so, you should easily conclude that Marmins knows very little about how Silverthorne functions. He seemingly has no idea that the town’s citizens have substantial opportunity for input through open meetings, public meetings on important land issues and other important issues, community surveys, etc.

It is my personal view that Marmins is the least qualified and, by far, the least informed of all the candidates running for Silverthorne town council and you should vote for Camp, Kieber, Nadalin & Shattuck.

Vince Lanuza


Marmins is an independent voice

As we near the end of voting for the Silverthorne election, I’d like to make some observations about the campaign, and explain my strong support for Tom Marmins’ bid to join the town council.

All the letters supporting him have been from highly respected, active members of the community. They have mentioned his experience and values, while never uttering a negative word about any other candidates. Unfortunately, several letter writers supporting Mr. Marmins’ opponents found it necessary to demean him and misstate his positions in the hope that voters will support the slate of four candidates running against him.

We have to wonder why council incumbents and entrenched Silverthorne political powers are so fearful of a new face on the council. Mr. Fowler’s letter on March 26 stated we should not vote for Mr. Marmins because he has not attended enough meetings. A day later Ms. David implied that Tom’s positions are wrong because Silverthorne has spent a lot of money on various projects in the past and plans to spend more in the future. Somehow she equated spending with accomplishments.

Here is the key fact: Despite years of meetings, committee reports, vision statements, plans, and copious spending, Silverthorne is essentially the same town it was when I moved here more than a decade ago. To outsiders, Silverthorne is still just an outlet mall with many empty storefronts. But this community has great potential. We simply don’t need more reports and plans — we need leaders who will move our town forward while not losing sight of fiscal prudence.

All five candidates running for Silverthorne Town Council are solid, well-meaning people who want the best for the town and its citizens. Not surprisingly, they disagree on certain issues, but several of the SDN letters implied that Marmins’ dissenting opinions should be treated as a form of disloyalty, and thus a disqualification from holding office. The vitriol has been personal and unjustified.

I am particularly dismayed by the false rumors that Mr. Marmins does not support the new Lake Dillon Theater project as the cornerstone of a revitalized town core. Nothing could be further from the truth! He has been clear he is very excited about LDTC’s upcoming move to Silverthorne. But at a cost of at least $9 million (most of it publicly funded) before overruns, we need to be transparent and cautious.

You, the voters, must decide if voting for a candidate bringing a different point of view to council is a bad thing. I certainly don’t believe so, because honest discussions of controversial issues are almost always the best way to arrive at good decisions. And I firmly believe that Tom Marmins will help make that happen.

Les Caplan


We need Tanya Shattuck

I’m writing in support of Tanya Shattuck for Silverthorne Town Council. I’ve had the opportunity to work with Tanya at Keystone Resort for many years. She is a hard worker and loves where she lives.

Tanya talks and listens with friends, neighbors and others in the community; she puts the needs of Silverthorne and its residents first and is truly dedicated to helping Silverthorne achieve great things.

Tanya Shattuck has done an outstanding job since joining the planning department nine year ago.

Please vote for her for Silverthorne Town Council so she can continue to help build on Silverthorne’s successes.

Bruce & Marsha Younghdahl



Elect McAtamney and Wolfe

It’s election time in the town of Breckenridge. In less than a week we will elect a new mayor and three town council members.

I am supporting Jen McAtamney for our next mayor and Wendy Wolfe for a second term as a member of our town council.

Both Jen McAtamney and Wendy Wolfe have proven track records of working hard, and smart, to meet the goals and objectives that we have said are critical to our town. They have both stood and taken solid positions on the issues before us; positions that are aligned with what we the citizens have supported. They have both clearly stated their positions; never sitting on the fence making us wonder how they might vote on issues key to our town.

I personally use the word “present” when I look and see who is involved in our town.

• The people we elect need to have a track record of being “present” at key meetings.

• The people we elect need to have a track record of being “present” and involved in open forums and open discussions on the future of our town.

The people we elect need to have a track record of having taken a solid position on critical issues to our town; to stand and be counted so to speak. We need to know that the people we elect will truly represent us, the citizens and voters!

Jen McAtamney and Wendy Wolfe have consistently been present! They are involved! They have earned my support and the support of many others as clear choices of Mayor and Town Council member of Breckenridge.

Hal Vatcher


Support for Wolfe

I have known Wendy Wolfe, both as a friend and community activist for over 10 years. I have also followed town council deliberations — and her part in them — for the past four years. Bottom line: Wendy is exactly the type of person that we, as Breckenridge residents, want, need and deserve as our representative on town council.

One of Wendy’s most obvious attributes is that, as the only incumbent running, she will have no learning curve whatsoever. She has been deeply engaged for the past four years in virtually every issue that has come before council. She has gone above and beyond to be involved in many study and evaluation groups that have been established to resolve town challenges including the recent transit/parking work. There is no one that can bring more knowledge and experience to our council at this critical time.

I worked very closely with Wendy as a part of the Breckenridge Heritage Alliance program. As a past president of the Alliance, she exhibited great leadership and worked tirelessly to build the Alliance program, to develop its solid reputation of excellence and performance, and to preserve the history and heritage of our town. For instance, she was instrumental in bringing Engine No. 9 home after 73 years away from Breck and establishing one of the town’s premier historical exhibits .

In everything I have seen Wendy do, she has been a leader, deeply involved in the community, a hard worker, tenacious in carrying through on what she believes in, well prepared, fair and balanced in her approach, and a voice of reason when dealing with potentially contentious issues.

I highly recommend her as a member of our town council.

Rick Hague


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