Summit Daily letters to the editor: Natural wonders and political picks |

Summit Daily letters to the editor: Natural wonders and political picks


Taking issue with Marmins’ campaign claims

Every time I see an ad stating something like, “Vote for me to have your voice heard” or one stating that the writer is all about transparency, I just have to shake my head.

It may be that Mr. Marmins is just not aware that the meetings of Silverthorne’s Planning Commission, Town Council, EDAC, SPORT, etc., are all open to the public. I think he may have attended one meeting, and that’s just in the last couple of weeks. Had he attended meetings, he would know that important items are discussed at these meetings, and citizen input is welcomed.

I also question whether Mr. Marmins has ever attended any public meetings held prior to the decisions on the Blue River Trail, South Maryland Creek Ranch and Lake Dillon Theatre. Maybe he has attended these meetings, and I just haven’t seen him. I am only assuming he never attended because if he had done so, he would have to acknowledge that the citizens of Silverthorne had a great deal of input.

Mr. Marmins has been very critical of the cost of the theater (without facts and supporting data). I question why he did not attend the recent March 19 public meeting about the collaboration between the town of Silverthorne and the Lake Dillon Theatre. What a perfect opportunity for him to share his views in a discussion of the costs and expected benefits to the town and its citizens.

The facts are clear — the citizens of Silverthorne are given ample opportunity to express their views on issues. The town welcomes their input. In my view, the question of transparency is a non-issue.

Vince Lanuza


I voted for Kieber

Bob has served many years on the Silverthorne Planning Commission both as member and chairman. A such, he studies the issues thoroughly, prepares in detail and gives due consideration to all sides of the discussion. He asks the tough questions. He doesn’t throw too many softballs. You won’t see him caving to pressure or influence.

Bob’s career in city management, finance and small business provide him the experience with which to address the future growth and development of Silverthorne.

You can be sure that the best interests of Silverthorne will be Bob’s only consideration. A vote for Robert Kieber is a vote for a progressive Silverthorne.

Dave Raymond



Thinking person’s choice is Girvin

Leigh Girvin brings expertise, experience, wisdom, dedication and judgment to her candidacy for Breckenridge Town Council. She is a life-long member of the community and has always involved herself in pursuits to maintain and enhance the values cherished by those who call Breckenridge home.

It has been my pleasure to serve with her for the past several years on the County Wide Planning Commission. She is a leader on that commission. She is always fully prepared for the discussion and deliberation pertinent to the decision to be considered; she has read every word of every report and couples that with her own extensive life experience in Breckenridge and Summit County and her own independent research. She engages her colleagues in evaluation of matters under consideration and expands the conversation so as to bring in as many viewpoints as possible before making decisions. She is never hesitant to bring forth a minority or unpopular perspective if she sees that as possibly beneficial to reaching the best decision. Clearly, her service on the planning commission is not a matter of seeking popular acclaim. Similarly, her candidacy for Town Council is also not borne of personal ambition, but of a genuine dedication to offering her experience and talents and skills to making Breckenridge the best it can be.

In a field of outstanding candidates, please give serious thought to casting your vote for Leigh Girvin.

Jim Just

Vice Chair

County Wide Planning Commission

Dudick the smart choice

Powder days, world-class biking and top-notch fly-fishing are but a few of the reasons tourists flock to Breckenridge. But what makes our town the envy of most is because of the fine people who keep the lights on. They plow the streets, wait the tables, serve the drinks and run the lifts. No job is less important than the next for the folks who keep this town running. It’s these first-rate people of Breckenridge that keep the tourists coming back and make our community arguably the best resort town to call home.

As a small business owner, I know first-hand that employees drive this town, and, sadly, we are on the verge of losing our greatest asset. In order to attract and keep these year-round residents, we need to solve the biggest challenge facing our community: affordable housing. That’s why Mike Dudick is the smart vote for Breckenridge Town Council.

I met Mike Dudick over 20 years ago while we were volunteer hockey coaches and we quickly became lifelong friends. He’s not only played an integral role in my life but has been an upstanding member of Breckenridge for almost three decades and has been a driving force and champion of building a bright future for our current and future residents.

The affordable housing problem is not an IF question — it’s a HOW question. Because Mike runs the largest private real estate development company in Breckenridge, he is an expert in land use, design, construction budgets and the complicated financial mechanisms that can turn ideas into reality. In fact, Breckenridge Grand Vacations has managed nearly $400 million in construction projects since its inception. No other candidate running for council has this experience … they might recognize the need for employee housing but don’t have the business acumen to know how to get started — let alone succeed — in solving this problem.

Impressive business achievements aside, philanthropy and public service have been key components of Mike’s success. As you may remember, he served on town council from 2010-2014 and was instrumental in the conversion of the old CMC building into the Breckenridge Grand Vacations Community Center, ultimately saving the town of Breckenridge taxpayers nearly $5 million in renovation costs. He’s also served on the boards of the Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center, the Breckenridge Resort Chamber and the Open Space Commission.

As a small business owner, my employees are my biggest treasure; without them, we wouldn’t be in business. And, frankly, I wouldn’t be a Breckenridge homeowner, let alone a business owner, if it weren’t for deed-restricted housing. That’s why on April 5, I will be voting in all of our best interests and plan to cast my vote for Mike Dudick. I hope you will, too.

George Connolly

Co-Owner, The Canteen Taphouse & Tavern

Down with Dudick

I am supporting Mike Dudick for Town Council based on his ability to analyze complex business structures and transactions, his commitment to philanthropy and his desire to make a meaningful difference in our community. Mike’s previous experience on the council will allow him the opportunity to re-engage in a productive dialog with fellow council members and help move the community forward.

Tim Casey



Growing population weighs on Colorado’s natural wonders

As our state’s population continues to increase, areas in Summit and eastern Eagle County will face increasing threats from human development. Wildlife habitats will be in greater danger, water contamination will likely become more prevalent and threats to vegetation will drive some species to the brink of extinction. Colorado’s public lands have deep meaning to me (and presumably to the many others who live and visit in this magnificent state).

Access to these lands for public enjoyment is crucial to keeping vibrant and healthy communities across our state. Furthermore, permanent land protection and wilderness designation allows Coloradan’s the opportunity to live a more healthy and active lifestyle through quiet use outdoor recreational opportunities like biking, hiking, backpacking, fishing, wildlife viewing/photography and flora identification among others.

I support U.S. Rep. Polis’ Continental Divide Wilderness and Recreations Act (HR 2554) to permanently protect public lands in eastern Eagle and Summit Counties. The proposal would expand permanent protection through wilderness and other forms of permanent land designation — ensuring greater protection for the area’s wildlife, vegetation, water resources as well as increasing access for human-powered recreation. For example, the Special Recreation Management Area in the Tenmile Range will increase and protect opportunities for mountain biking while also preserving the area’s natural characteristics.

Given our state’s rising population, it is more important than ever that we seek to protect our public lands from pressures associated with human development. Wilderness expansion and Special Recreation Management Area designations are crucial to maintain our lands for public enjoyment, wildlife protection, protection of water resources and land preservation.

I’ve been enjoying Colorado’s public lands for over 20 years and urge all of Colorado’s congressional delegation and constituency to support the passing of the Continental Divide Wilderness and Recreation Act.

Jessica J. Schpero


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