Summit Daily letters to the editor: Politics and computer scammers |

Summit Daily letters to the editor: Politics and computer scammers


Vote for Burley in town council race

With elections for Frisco Town Council approaching quickly, it is my honor and pleasure to support Jessie Burley. Jessie has contributed countless hours to support our community through her involvement at High Country Conservation Center (HC3) and a variety of local events and organizations. She always acts with integrity, passion and thoughtfulness — traits that are useful during town council deliberations. She has a commitment to the environment & promotes creative solutions to resource conservation. Jessie’s leadership and thoughtfulness will be evident in working with other council members and in applying decision-making for the town of Frisco.

After working with Jessie this past year on the Peak One Neighborhood Homeowners Association Board, Jessie shows that she is a person of the highest integrity and you can depend on her word. She knows how to think on her feet, and expresses thoughts clearly with answers and opinions that have great substance.

Kate Clement

Marketing & Sales Director for Brynn Grey Partners



Vote Shattuck for town council

I am writing to endorse Tonya Shattuck for Silverthorne Town Council. I have known Tonya for 5+ years, the last 3 with her as my neighbor. With her 14 years living in Silverthorne and diverse experience in career and volunteer positions, Tonya would make a great addition to the council. A position on the council would benefit the residents of Silverthorne given Tonya’s commitment to Silverthorne: nine years on the Silverthorne Planning Commission, four years on the Silverthorne Police Citizens Advisory Board and many other volunteer committees. For those of you who know Tonya, you know she is a caring, open person. She will listen to ideas and concerns of others and take her position on the council seriously. Please vote for Tonya in the upcoming Silverthorne election on April 5.

Mary Schmidt


Throwing support behind Kieber

It is with great pleasure that I cast my vote for Bob Kieber for Silverthorne Town Council. Bob has been a resident of Silverthorne since 1991 and delivered long-time, local mortgage expertise and the dream of home ownership to many in our community. He has served on the Silverthorne Planning Commission for 14 years. Bob has dedicated considerable volunteer service, priming him as an excellent addition to the Silverthorne town council. In addition, Bob has served as a former board member for two Silverthorne HOAs and invested his time as a Summit County Youth Baseball board member. Bob’s objectives surround keeping Silverthorne financially responsible, keeping our community safe with trained law enforcement, and keeping Silverthorne’s public works equipped and staffed to maintain our streets and parks. Bob’s vast experience provides a leader who can objectively evaluate proposed real estate expansions and/or developments while working with existing business owners on licensing, signage, and parking. Bob is especially interested in working to make traffic improvements that must be coordinated through CDOT. He is articulate, thoughtful and a team player — the ideal candidate to build on Silverthorne’s current successes. Silverthorne is making great strides, and Bob Kieber will keep us on course, without distraction, providing valuable leadership.

Barbara Campbell



A Microsoft tech will not be calling you!

Everything seems to be connected these days, so when you get a phone call from a tech who says your computer is infected it almost makes sense to believe someone is watching over you. Same with that pop up that tells you something terrible is happening and to please call the listed number right away. Neither of these forms of support are anything but scams. As a computer tech in Summit County I have received numerous calls from my High Country neighbors who have tangled with these scammers. Many of you have become suspicious and, correctly, just hung up the phone.

Others, unfortunately, have allowed the remote scammers access and have even paid several hundred dollars for a support contract. I have personally taken a few of these calls from those that say they are “support” and played along. Usually the call ends shortly after they report that they are certified computer techs and I respond that so am I.

If you have a popup appear on your browser screen there is a chance you have a mild malware infection which allowed that popup. The message box might list numerous infections and flash an 800 number to call for repair. offers a trial version of their excellent software which will remove these types of infections. Popups will also occur when toolbars are installed on your browsers. Did you know that, in most cases, you have agreed to allow the toolbar providers to sell access to your computer? The best course is to refuse all toolbars including recipes, Internet radio and weather.

As a best practice don’t allow someone who contacts you in these ways to access your computer but if you do, then call a local computer tech for help.

Phil Huff


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