Summit Daily letters to the editor: Summit County gaga for growth |

Summit Daily letters to the editor: Summit County gaga for growth

Summit gaga for growth

Regarding the Aug. 6 article in the Summit Daily about the proposed ballot measure to provide for affordable workforce housing (which I support), I’m afraid Summit County may be on a treadmill to oblivion.

According to the article, a 2013 assessment concluded that between 1,555 and 2,610 new workforce housing units would be needed by 2017, just 17 months from now. Only 765 are planned or underway. A new assessment is expected later this month, and I would guess that the backlog will increase significantly.

The mayor of Silverthorne is quoted as saying, “The lack of available workforce housing has become an impediment to economic growth and expansion.” This is no doubt true, and maybe it’s time for county and town officials to reconsider the mindless pursuit of growth and tourism dollars, lest the need for affordable workforce housing continues to grow faster than the county’s ability to meet the need.

In that scenario, the workforce housing problem is not solved, and the very qualities that make the county a desirable place to live could be destroyed. Density, crowds, traffic and parking are already problems, and they seem to be getting worse at an alarming rate.

Wellesley Smith


A mountain town lament

Breckenridge is beautiful like a Barbie is,

Or like the artificial grain patterns of a plastic log cabin.

Breckenridge looks like a town built of a dream, but then blown up and out by tourism.

Even this coffee shop I sit in has everything right!

All the dark stained wood tables, the slightly quirky, hand-made-looking art

All the athletic, smiling, young couples

Even the slightly hipster/eccentric looking baristas seem to fit PERFECTLY

Too perfectly, with the overall progressive modern-meets-rustic vibe of this town.

Breckenridge has everything!

Fine dining, fine lodging, fine clothing stores,

Guided fishing, hiking, biking, climbing, skiing, etc.

This town lets you experience all the positives of an authentic mountain adventure by day

And return to the safety of all the modern consumer comforts by night.

… Or does it?

How real and authentic is a guided hike up a mountain,

Surrounded by crying tourist babies, flashing cameras and city folk spraying clouds of bug-repellent?

How beautiful is an artificial rendition of a thing that perverts its essence in the pursuit of someone else’s picture of perfection?

Maybe the real question is, what is beauty? I think many people find intense beauty here I think a town like Breckenridge meets “front-country” folk where they are – quite attached to modern comfort and convenience. However, as someone who goes to the mountains to get away from the commercialization of modern life, this place almost creeps me out,

Like a wax model of beautiful women, masquerading as the original.

Nick Knoke

Rambling man, formerly of Breckenridge

Summit High grad does us proud

Kudos to Kaeli Subberwall, a recent Summit H.S. grad who is interning at the Summit Daily this summer.

Not only is her writing engaging and concise, she offers insights into our culture and the ways that people interact that far exceed her years. Her recent column about social media, and some people’s (my own, I confess) perceived overuse of it demonstrated just how valuable these ever expanding technologies can be when used thoughtfully and judiciously. Then, she knocked it out of the park with the recent piece addressing the venomous comments that too many folks post on public forums with regards to partisan politics.

If more people followed the advice of this young lady, we might find a way to work together and solve some of the world’s problems.

Jim Braun

Summit Cove

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