Summit Daily letters: Why I’m voting for Donal Trump |

Summit Daily letters: Why I’m voting for Donal Trump

A strong voice for a generation

Thank you Kaeli Subberwal for your wonderful insightful article in Thursday’s Aug. 4 Summit Daily. You continue to impress me with your wonderful honest approach to the world and the situations with which we live with today. It is so refreshing to know that someone of your age and generation can have such a mature perspective about the current political climate we find ourselves in, to which most of your media peers (many of them far older than you) who get published in the SDN on a regular basis, do not even try to address. It’s all about their ideology and henceforth their agenda.

Keep up the good work.

Chuck Abrams


Wanting answers on health care costs

We are very lucky to have Dan Gibbs representing Region 9 on the health care front. And most of us are asking the same questions: “what are the true costs of health care?” Insurance commissioner Ms. Salazar and anyone else with the answers is welcome to enlighten us. What are the costs and why are they different; soooo much higher in region 9. The breakdown please. Inquiring minds want to know.

Becky Niggeler


Why I’m voting for Trump

Bombastic? Yep. Rude? Yep. Unfiltered? Yep. Speaks like an 8th grader? Yep. Transparent? Well, more so than his opponent. “Crooked Hilary”? Oh yes, she is! Despite Trump’s gaffes, past, present, and no doubt in the next 90-plus days, he’ll get my vote on Nov. 8. Here’s 11 reasons: Trump’s potential Supreme Court picks: Thomas Hardiman, Raymond Kethledge, Raymond Gruender, Joan Larsen, Thomas Lee, William Pryor, David Stras, Diane Sykes, Don Willet, Steven Colloton, and Coloradan Allison Eid. Our next president will nominate from 1 to 5 Supreme Court justices, including the replacement for the late Antonio Scalia. If Clinton bows to the pressure she’s felt during the election, she will no doubt build a left-leaning court. Without term limits, we may not be able to bring balance back to this important third branch of our government for another generation! I may have to hold my nose, but I’d much rather have an unpolished successful business man who won’t take any $#*! from people than one who “pays for play,” lies to the American people and pretends to be one of us!

Garnett Payne


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