Supporting gay marriage doesn’t equate to anti-Christian (letter) |

Supporting gay marriage doesn’t equate to anti-Christian (letter)

In his August 7 reply to my July 28 letter, James Copp states that I believe the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision on gay marriage “is right only because it is in line with (my) belief.” Actually, Mr. Copp, the decision is right because this is America, a country that is supposed to treat its citizens with equality. This status cannot possibly be achieved without the existence of marriage equality, a fact that Mr. Copp does not understand.

Mr. Copp also does not seem to understand that offering homosexual couples a civil union is not a viable solution since a civil union does not include all the legal rights that a marriage does. If heterosexuals are given more rights than homosexual ones, then America is not treating all its citizens equally under the law — something which is inexcusable for our great nation.

Mr. Copp goes on to state that my previous letter contained “anti-Christian statements.” Let me make it very clear that I am not anti-Christian; my family is Christian, and I myself was raised in a Christian church. I do not have anything against anyone choosing to be Christian — this is America, after all, and everyone has a right to follow whichever religion they choose.

However, what I am against is Christians who try to force their religion on everyone else. It is very unfortunate that some people think it is okay to deny other people equal rights because of their religion and to call those who don’t agree with their own religion ignorant and intolerant.

Personally, I find this offensive, but I guess it doesn’t matter what I think — I don’t follow the dominant religion in this country, so I deserve to be treated as a lesser citizen.

Rachel Miller


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