The 20-20 fallacy on weapons of mass destruction and Iraq (letter) |

The 20-20 fallacy on weapons of mass destruction and Iraq (letter)

Re: the “Chopper whopper dwarfed by the Iraq lie” article by John Young.

Mr. Young’s article would have you believe that U.S. citizens were “lied to” to accept the USA invasion of Iraq. Mr. Young bases his conclusion on the fact that no weapons of mass destruction were ever found in Iraq after the U.S. invasion and occupation and that is certainly true. What he doesn’t tell you is what the situation on the ground was at that time the invasion was being considered. So let me bring you up to date on some events that were happening the time.

The United Nations at the direction of the free world had authorized weapons inspectors, all from different countries, to enter Iraq and inspect the country for weapons of mass destruction including not only nuclear but chemical weapons. The Sadam Hussein regime did everything in its power, as Sadam admitted at his execution, to thwart those inspections and create doubt so as to convince his arch enemy Iran, that he had or was developing such weapons. He already had a record of using chemical weapons in previous conflicts. Most of world’s leading intelligence agencies at the time including England, Israel, and Russia were reporting evidence that he had or was developing such capabilities. To my knowledge, it has never been reported or proven that people outside the Hussein regime, and certainly no one in the Bush Administration fabricated or manufactured this information as to mislead the U.S. public. Colin Powell, the Secretary of State at the time presented some of these intelligence findings to the United Nations. Also, the U.S. Congress, including our current Secretary of State John Kerry, and prior Secretary, Hillary Clinton, both U.S. Senators at the time with access to all the intelligence voted to authorize the invasion of Iraq.

The point I would like to make to anyone who reads this article is get both sides of every story and check the facts on any story. Mr. Young would have you believe that he has done so. I don’t feel I was “lied to” then or now. Decisions that were made at the time, seem to me, were based on the intelligence of the time. I didn’t or don’t need a WMD actually used anywhere in the world to satisfy my fears. Threatening behavior was and is enough for me to consider the use of our brave and underappreciated military to protect the citizens of this country. I know not everyone shares this opinion and needs absolute positive “proof” on issues like this to move forward, and I respect that. I have the benefit of some 76 years on this planet and the 20-20 hindsight that comes with it.

Chuck Abrams


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