The Dialogue: Can altruism toward immigrants transcend politics? |

The Dialogue: Can altruism toward immigrants transcend politics?

Editor’s note: Conversations in The Dialogue are pulled from Summit Daily’s Facebook comment threads and website comment sections.

Frisco resident Judy Phillips recently opened Bethany Immigration Services, a nonprofit that aims to help immigrants establish themselves in Summit County. The Summit Daily spotlighted her efforts in a Oct. 31 article. Some readers were touched by her work. Others characterized it as misguided,

Marylou Taylor: Judith Phillips should get another life. People ‘helping’ others is rooted in emotion, altruism, and even selfishness. It may make her feel good, but could well boomerang. How are we to have a nation of laws, wherein we are treated equally, when people such as Ms. Phillips create special categories of people based on emotion and not law?

Jaci Ohayon, responding to Taylor: I’m trying to follow your logic and frankly…just cannot. Maybe it’s because I am an immigration attorney and actually understand the laws behind it…and the holes…or perhaps it is because I actually know Judy Phillips, am familiar with her passion, understand the learning curve she is up against and see the need in the community. Either way, your comments are ignorant at best. She isn’t creating a special category of people based on emotion…they already exist. Wake up.

Douglas Johnson: I’m sorry, but I own a business and won’t hire illegals. They ARE taking jobs that our legal population would work. What an outlandish construct to offer help to people who don’t belong here while legal citizens can barely afford food and rent …

Jaci Ohayon, respond to Johnson: Wonderful! As a business owner, you should not be hiring undocumented workers. Unfortunately, your opinions regarding what work foreign nationals are doing and taking away from citizens is, frankly, incorrect. Moreover, stating that people “don’t belong here” is highly oversimplified. Many of these “people” were raised in this country. An answer cannot be discovered by buring our heads in the sand. Immigration reform is badly needed.

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