The Dialogue: Readers howl over wolf reintroduction to Colorado |

The Dialogue: Readers howl over wolf reintroduction to Colorado

Editor’s note: Conversations in The Dialogue are pulled from Summit Daily’s Facebook comment threads and website comment sections.

Howls over wolf reintroduction

This week, one topic generated more discussion in our comment sections than any other: Should gray wolves be reintroduced to Colorado? We asked the question in reference to a presentation being given at the Breckenridge Colorado Mountain College campus on the subject by ecologist Delia Malone.

Malone discussed the biology and family dynamics of gray wolves, ecological impacts, and wolf-livestock coexistence strategies.

Several readers supported reintroducing wolves into our ecosystem:

• “Absolutely.”

• “Bring back the grey wolf!”

• “Wolves will be an integral part of a healthy and balanced ecosystem.”

• “Maybe we can fix what we destroyed for a change. Restore the balance and health of the entire ecosystem here.”

However, Craig Alan, a Montana rancher, was adamantly opposed, posting a graphic photo of a foal injured by a wolf:

“Here’s the handiwork of your precious, beautiful Wolves. Maybe when YOUR livelihood is affected, and you have to destroy a $10,000 foal with your own hand you’ll pull your heads out of your tofu salad and get some education about what living with these killers is REALLY like!!!.

Alan continued: “don’t you realize that city raised liberals think the entire natural world is a disneyesque petting zoo? just look at how many get gored by bison in Yellowstone each summer!”

Daniel Day agreed: “Why do you think we removed them to begin with? Idaho is having nothing but problems now from the wolf packs and are paying professionals to shoot as many as they can. It’s one thing in Yellowstone where there isn’t any hunting to control elk populations but in Colorado it’s a different story.”


A recent Summit County police blotter included item on man arrested for sleeping in an apartment complex laundry room. Some readers saw it as an example of the lack of affordable housing in the High Country.

Lauren Swanson: “The real crime here is the desperate housing situation that pushes people into unsafe temporary solutions, like squatting in laundry rooms and tent camping in the snow.”


Are ski apps like Epic Mix a blessing or curse for skiers? That was the question Drew Mikita asked in his column on October 26.

Thomas Elliott: “Sounds like a Henry Thoreau rant. Apps and their hardware are just tools. If you don’t need it don’t use it. I think the apps distract many of the tourists from the long lines, cold weather, expensive food and everything else they might otherwise complain about. With an app and sharing your experience on social media one is inclined to be positive. Who wants all their friends back home to set them hating on their vacation time? These apps were built for the tourists not the locals.”

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