There goes the neighborhood (letter) |

There goes the neighborhood (letter)

Well it’s that time again — the invasion of the HOAs marking their territory — putting up proverbial fences to protect the neighborhood. Problem is their neighborhood has no sense of community only the declaration l own it; it’s my right, my entitlement. With the real estate climate ripe for a shift from owning a home to managing an investment, HOAs are becoming a metaphor for what’s wrong in America.

The right to happiness through owning HOA property is a far cry from Thomas Jefferson’s declaration of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” (happiness being an adaptation of John Locke’s concept of property). Lost in translation is the importance of “pursuit.” Mine, mine, mine has replaced the original intent of life in America being a pursuit of excellence shared in with other Americans.

Case in point: last night at 2:37 a.m. my son’s car alarm went off twice. With the influx of robberies lately he checked it out only to find out it was probably one of the homeowners coming in under the influence. This morning going to his car he was told by one of the “visiting” HOAers the noise had bothered him and he needed to be aware of this to which he responded he was watching out not only for his car but the other guys as well. Then he pointed to his disabled American vet license plate and told him he had been part of America’s defense of that man’s right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to which the man huffed off and went inside. When is enough, enough?

Bud Hill


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