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Waldrip: A dozen questions for Morgan Liddick on Obamacare

I have a few questions for Morgan Liddick.

Are you for coverage denial for people with pre-existing conditions, such as asthma, domestic abuse, cancer survival?

Do you support lifetime limits on coverage?

Do you support the right to drop someone for getting sick?

Do you support indiscriminate premium increases?

Are you opposed to spending 80% of your premium on your care?

Are you opposed to 32 million people having affordable access to insurance?

Are you opposed to children staying on their parents plans until age 26?

Are you opposed to free preventive care?

Are you opposed to an estimated 8.7 million women obtaining maternity and newborn care.

Are you opposed to aggressive free market competition among insurers?

Are you opposed to faster approval of generic drugs (more competition in the market to drive down prices)?

Are you opposed to incentives aimed at improving the quality of care, not “quantity” of care?

Favoring repeal means you oppose all of these things. Why not “replace” it? Oh, thats right…..you can’t. Instead of developing an alternative, the children in the HR spent over $60 million on 43 totally symbolic floor votes to repeal.

Social Security and Medicare were as distasteful to their opposition, but they were adult about it, accepted them as law, and worked to improve them — not kill them. Think where our society would be today without them. And, lastly, the vast majority of us want it. A CNN poll conducted in May found that 54% opposed the law, while 43% were in favor. However, of that 54%, 16% were opposed because the law didn’t go far enough. That means that 59% want, at the very least, this level of reform.

Who knows — with more affordable care — like the tin man, you may find a heart.

Jack Waldrip

Dallas, TX

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