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Who has the right way? The eternal Summit County question (letter)

Here we go again: “Isolate dangerous longboarding daredevils”; “The dark side of longboarding”; “Longboarding speed demons are breaking the law” (Letters to the editor; Aug. 4, 2015).

Pick the venue: Traversing skiers v. crazy snowboarders on the mountain or the walkers v. Spandex bikers on the “bike paths” (correction: On the multipurpose recpaths). The real issue is still the same when the onion is peeled: “I am entitled to more than you are, especially when it comes to my recreational pursuits. After all, I know better and whoever gets in my way better look out.” This time, it is letter writers published in SDN:

“I was very disappointed that two articles were published exalting longboarding on the bike paths within the county … I was dismayed by the one-sidedness of your article about longboarders.”

Come on, when is enough, enough? If you want to push the “safety issue,” here are two documented “safety issues” from the side of the longboarders:

A longboarder was crossing the pedestrian crosswalk with his longboard tucked under his arm when he was hit by a car at 15 m.p.h. Sorry for the accident — the driver assured him she was covered, and all the expenses would be taken care of. Two years later, no settlement, and he walks with a limp in pain.

“Bombing” Rt. 6 in the early morning hours, a longboarder was impacted by a police vehicle, breaking his arm. In the reporting officer’s report was the statement he “thought he had hit an elk”!

Life is risky, but we all have the right to live it. Don’t let your seeming right to entitlement wreck it for someone else.

Bud Hill


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