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Letter to the editor: America the great

Another great birthday

Make America Great Again. This slogan was apparently effective during the presidential campaign, but does any red-blooded patriot actually believe that America has lost its greatness? We are number one in so many ways: Our economy is easily the world’s largest, immigrants (even wealthy ones) want to move here, domestic and foreign investors can’t get enough of our safe treasury bonds and we have the world’s finest military protection. Our greatness is not ephemeral, coming and going with each new opinion poll. America was, is and will be great thanks to an effective constitution which protects individual liberty, a free market economy and a tradition of can-do spirit and global leadership.

Politicians love to remind us of our nation’s imperfection when it serves their purposes. It is easy to point out problems, but Americans have an inspiring history of meeting the challenges we faced, whether it is reaching the moon, winning world wars or coming back from economic downturns.

This Fourth of July, while you are enjoying a grilled burger and the firework’s red glare, resolve to make our nation even greater:

Defend those who have less political and economic power. Equal opportunity for all and equal rights under the law are necessary for America to remain strong.

Progress sometimes requires money. Don’t just vote for candidates who promise lower taxes. Vote for those who have a concrete plan to give the best return on each tax dollar.

Vote for moderate candidates who will work across party lines to solve problems.

Get involved in your community. Support schools and service clubs.

Be an informed voter. Make a determined effort to educate yourself on all sides of issues. Notice the successes of other nations, states and communities.

The surest sign of a fanatic is a person with no sense of humor. If anger and distrust are the basis of your politics, consider rethinking your approach toward improving America. We will get more done if we all lighten up and communicate.

Take a long-term approach. Politicians and the media pretend complex social and economic problems can be solved in a few months. Americans can meet almost any challenge, but only if we are patient and work together.

The media often focuses on the polarization within American society. However, I would venture that almost every American feels a tingle when the Star-Spangled Banner is played and is proud of their great country when they see the red, white and blue in the Fourth of July parade. Wave a flag for your country this Fourth and look forward to an even greater future.

Paul Olson


The elephant in the room

I’d like to offer some clarity to Tom Clancy of Breckenridge who says he’s still confused about the election. I’m one of his Summit County neighbors who voted for the “sleazy real estate salesman,” and would do so again, if the election were tomorrow! Here are a few of the reasons. Neil Gorsuch: President Trump honored his campaign promise to replace Justice Scalia with a constitutional conservative. If he did nothing else but make this course correction, I’d be pleased enough. As a mother of a recent SHS graduate, I’m committed to helping my daughter build upon the foundation that her country, her faith and her family have provided. I’m far more confident about her future than I was four years ago because I share our president’s vision of MAGA and am recognizing the actions being taken to protect our constitutional rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for future generations. I’m pleased to see his support for law enforcement, our military, our veterans and our borders. President Trump’s rhetoric and early actions have resulted in an optimism that’s been lost for many years and a much needed reexamination of the progressive agenda that threatens to derail our very existence and exceptionalism. I’m excited about the new alliances he has made with American manufacturers, including the new apprentice programs, and efforts toward energy independence. Despite what the mainstream media reports, there has been a continuous stream of conversations and agreements to revisit the cost and quality of higher education, job prospects of college graduates, the restraints of the “rules of engagement” and other “bad deals” leftover from the past eight years. Just last week our president signed a bipartisan bill to finally address the accountability challenges in the VA and provide our veterans quicker and easier access to health care. I’m comforted by his actions to examine and clean up the process of vetting visitors and immigrants from the Middle East. I’m happy that he isn’t rubber stamping trade deals, the Paris climate accord and the disastrous Iran Nuclear deal. An effective leader is one who inspires, challenges and engages the people in his/her organization. Though his path to being the most influential leader in the world has had some potholes, I’m willing to forgive and forget his early errors as a novice politician. Our president has already demonstrated that he has more spine and moral compass than his Democratic competitors. He has put together a team that I can rally around, especially our vice president. I am grateful for their leadership, and so thankful that HRC and TC were not able to muster most of the votes in most of the United States of America last November.

I’m not the only deplorable in Summit County. Two weeks ago at the Frisco BBQ, my Republican colleagues and I had the pleasure of interacting with many locals, tourist and Front Rangers who share our concerns, perceptions and commitment. We’re the “elephant in the room.” Our core values are patriotic, not scary. Check out our website or FB page, Summit County Colorado GOP. I bet you’ll find we have more in common than you think.

Garnett Payne


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