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Letters: Congressmen need term limits

Congressmen need term limits

Jennifer Eisenlau is onto something in her SDN letter entitled “Politicians should pay up.” She asks: Why should the people who shut down paychecks for America’s government workers get their own paychecks?

Here are some little known or advertised facts about our congressional leaders from both sides of the aisle:

The salary of a retired U.S. president is $180,000 per year … FOR LIFE!

The salary of retired House and Senate members is $174,000 per year … FOR LIFE!

The salary of retired Speakers of the House is $223,500 per year … FOR LIFE!

The salary of retired Majority and Minority Leaders is $193,400 per year … FOR LIFE!

The House and Senate members get to vote for their own pay raises! They do not have to participate in Social Security and they do not have to abide by the laws they impose upon us. They are supposed to work for us — not the other way around. Do you think they are going to change without pressure from We the People?

The average salary of a teacher is $38,000 to $40,000 per year and I doubt their retirement salary is $174,000-plus per year.

Are you ticked off enough yet and ready to do something about this?

There are currently 27 amendments to our Constitution — including the Bill of Rights.

Are you ready for a 28th amendment — term limits? It takes 38 states to propose and ratify a new amendment. Is Colorado ready to join 37 other states to help us get the control we deserve over our Congressmen?

Ken Gansmann


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