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Letters: Cooperation and responsibility matter

Don’t disengage from cooperation

I read with interest Summit Daily News’ May 15, 2017, article outlining the current impasse between the Red, White and Blue Fire Protection District and the Summit Ambulance Service. Historically, this new impasse represents an evolving and disturbing trend that I have been witnessing for the past several years. As the town of Breckenridge mayor from 2008 until 2016, I and my fellow council members were regularly updated and encouraged by the then-RWB leadership that a Summit County-wide fire district consolidation was imminent. A year or so later (after the retirement of the former RWB leadership), the consolidation effort was abandoned, but in its place emerged the cooperative agreement between Summit County, RWB Fire Protection District, Lake Dillon Fire Protection District and the Copper Mountain Consolidated Metro District. To bolster this cooperative agreement, an independent study by Fitch & Associates was completed to determine whether or not this new arrangement would jeopardize our level of fire protection and/or emergency medical service preparedness. The results of the study validated that this cooperative agreement would not reduce our community’s level of fire protection and/or medical service preparedness. Having been involved with ambulance transport back in the 1980s, I can say that it is a challenge for the personnel involved, but it is an essential service for our whole community. The current Red White and Blue Fire Protection District leadership should reverse this disturbing trend of disengagement from our community and come back to the table in a spirit of cooperation and collaboration.

John G. Warner


Back in my day, we had leashes!

Now I understand that your dog is your kid and who would put a leash on their kid? Wait, let me take that back, but seriously folks. I understand about freedom and your desire to allow your awesome and fun dog to roam and run free, but would you agree that the dog’s waste is not very different from us humans’? It is a result of processed foods, which result in an unearthly stench unlike an elk or goat which eat solely from the earth and produce waste that returns back into the earth and smells like earth.

Back in my day, Brooklyn, ’80s and ’90s, folks (respectful folks) would walk their dog on the sidewalk and pick up what the dog deposits. If some exercise is what you and Rover desire, then a dog park was the solution and lo and behold! We have a dog park here in Breckenridge!

Instead, as the snow melts, my ol’ factories (your sensory organ in your nose) pick up glorious scents of lavender, sage and poop as my wife and I take long walks through the woods on our awesome Summit County Open Space trail system. Now, I don’t recognize the nasty odor as a result of a certain species, all I smell is waste. Is that fair?

We go on hikes and a pile of presents isn’t far from the trail and let us not forget (how could we?) the undiscarded bags of waste that a half-conscious citizen left hoping that —what? —the poop fairy would pick it up? I stepped on a bag as I was opening the door for my wife in a parking lot — a parking lot! — and I heard a SNAP! I looked down and saw what I stepped on. What I saw was a relief! I stepped on it in a fashion that none hit my right shoe but upon further inspection, I saw a famous star! Mr. Hankey on my left shoe! It was time to buy new sneakers/shoes anyway.

In my neighborhood, on Airport Road, we are backed up to a beautiful mountain, so it seems alright to let your “kids” run and play, but what some of my neighbors do is simply let the dog(s) out and do their business and then shortly thereafter, the dog would return and scratch at the door or what have you. These people have zero to little idea as to what their wild kid was up to, what they ate or where they made their deposits, sometimes within 15 yards of my domicile and that stinks. I get along very well with my close neighbors and their dogs do the same but not close to home. The culprits live down the way because dogs don’t poop close to where they live, right? So I guess that my neighbors are making it a problem for someone else. As the saying goes, “love thy neighbor,” but if that isn’t possible, then at least respect thy neighbor. So in conclusion, I now have two awesome brand-new pairs of sneakers and a lucky shoe above my door at home.

Please be responsible and fair to your fellow Summit Countyites and pick up your kid’s waste.

C. “Sprinkles” Pennsylvania


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