Letters: In response to ‘How do you define justice in America’ by Jane Koerner | SummitDaily.com

Letters: In response to ‘How do you define justice in America’ by Jane Koerner

This article is essentially political and not especially helpful in solving our country’s problem of illegal immigration. The plight of Pedro, an illegal immigrant from Guatemala, is compared to the justice of Trump’s pardoning of Sheriff Arpaio who disobeyed a Federal order. The article is not well balanced and includes many unproven claims about the abuse of inmates by Sheriff Arpaio who had a legal responsibility for the security of the citizens of his jurisdiction. The Federal government has ignored their border security responsibility and allowed hundreds of thousands to illegally cross the border into Maricopa County and then tries with heavy hands to prevent the sheriff from executing his oath of office for the citizens of the county. No mention of the tons of drugs confiscated by Arpaio that would be sold on street corners throughout the country, and no mention of sanctuary cities that allows the harboring of criminals. Illegal immigrants that have criminal convictions should be deported and lets thank Trump for that.

There will be no mass deportations of others because the federal government of both political parties recognize they have abrogated their responsibility and are therefore complicit in the past invasion of our country. We are a decent people and we will come together to decide what to do with the millions who have crossed our borders illegally to seek a better life. But we can’t talk to this until we secure our borders first; otherwise millions more will misconstrue the message and come illegally. Doesn’t it make common sense to seal the hole in the dyke before trying to bail out the water. We are a great nation of legal immigrants who obey our laws, and we should support border security first, and then followed by a vastly improved legal immigration system that meets our America First needs. In respect to the article, we are a notable nation of “Liberty and Justice for All” and we must all continue to work hard to make sure it happens.

Please note that I spend winters in Los Cabos, Baja, Mexico, and greatly respect the Mexican people as hardworking, very family loving and grossly underpaid there, and welcome them to our country legally.

John Girolmo

Copper Mountain

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