Summit Daily letters: The health care hole |

Summit Daily letters: The health care hole

Re: Summit Daily editorial Live Long and Prosper? It comes with a high cost.

Your health-insurance editorial (“Live Long and Prosper?” September 27) is unconvincing. There has to be a better solution than “give out more subsidies to everyone.”

You dismiss out of hand the usefulness of creating a single private insurance zone in Colorado, calling it “potentially disastrous.” How so? Even though our mountain-town premiums would decline by 19 percent, they would rise in Denver and elsewhere in the Front Range. Is that what you mean by disastrous? Sounds like the market to us. Do you think that there are no working-class or middle-class citizens in Summit County who could use that 19 percent relief? Or is it reserved for vote-rich Denver?

Our health care woes stem largely from 50 years of government meddling in the nation’s health enterprise. Your solution is…. more government meddling in the form of more subsidies. Pay heed to The First Law of Holes: When you’re in one, stop digging.

Robert and Gretchen Dudney


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