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Letters to the editor: Government standards are not overreach

Mark B Vizer
Lansdale, Pennsylvania

I fear that some readers may miss the point of Susan Knopf’s column from Feb 27. She summarizes the inefficiency and poor quality of U.S. health care. “Medicare for All” is only one of an infinite number of systems that would be an improvement over our current nonsystem. Never forget that the Affordable Care Act was just a first step, and it was modeled after a Republican program developed by the Heritage Foundation.

I suspect that Knopf is writing with tongue in cheek when she writes, “When government decides what’s best for the people, against the will of the people, that is government overreach. We need government to balance all interests and engage the public, not dictate to the public” right after writing, “… even if it does save money and gives more people better access and outcomes.” (We really do need a special font for sarcasm.)

Actually, government has already decided that we will all drive on the right side of the road, and if you want to sell vegetables, cars or whiskey, these products must meet certain government standards. Does it really serve the will of the people to produce poison whiskey and dangerous cars and let us drive on the wrong side of the road? I consider this government doing its job. I don’t consider this “government overreach.” I call this civilization.

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