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Letters to the Editor: Responses to Backstage Theatre; questions on religion

Backstage is better off

Regarding Eli Pace’s July 20, 2018 article about the Breckenridge Backstage Theatre’s entitlement mentality, I applaud Erin Gigliello’s resignation from the Backstage Theatre and further call for her immediate resignation from the Breckenridge Town Council.

She represents the un-Breckenridge liberal entitlement mentality that controls the town of Breckenridge now and doesn’t understand that taking “artistic” liberties with our contributing public is killing the golden goose!

She thinks it’s OK to kick socialist sand in the faces of the hard working Americans who donate money to the town’s many charitable causes like the Backstage Theatre; and that we patriot contributors are stupid enough to sit there, be ridiculed and still write the checks that keep their nonprofit doors open. Little does she realize that she and her cohorts are kicking a sleeping giant who has finally awoken after 50 years of cultural slumber.

Kim McGahey


Gigliello will be missed

Thanks for the article about Councilwoman Gigliello’s resignation. I am sorry to see her resign.

I will miss her perspective as she, along with that of Whoopi Goldberg, the New Yorker Magazine, The New York Times and other liberals and liberal organizations with TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome), make fools of themselves.

Gordon Haines


Further questions on faith, services

I have enjoyed Suzanne Anderson’s well-written column “Walking Our Faith,” thanks for publishing it. Regarding her July 20 column on Lord Of The Mountains church, I believe some key points should be noted.

While the LOTM pastor said “We worship in the Lutheran tradition,” she also said that they “believe there are many ways to God.” which is decidedly un-Christian and clearly outside the orthodox Lutheran tradition. On the LOTM website, they state that they “take the Bible seriously, though not literally,” which appears to explain their denial of Jesus’ clear words: “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

This statement by Christ is foundational to Christian belief; if one believes otherwise, they can call themselves many things but Christian and Lutheran would be false descriptors. If Jesus is just one of many ways to God, then his brutal death and triumphant bodily resurrection were unnecessary. Previous LOTM pastors and leaders of “Progressive Christianity” have denied Christ’s divinity and his physical resurrection in columns in the Summit Daily; it would be interesting to know if this is still the belief at LOTM.

The LOTM pastor also seems to imply belief that the gods of Judaism, Islam and Universalism are the same, as LOTM allows use of their facility for these “diverse faiths” to worship. Perhaps Suzanne could explore these subjects in a future column.

None of this is meant as a condemnation of anyone, but to delve deeper into the facts around these important spiritual beliefs as many readers want to know the nature of God and how to know and follow him.

David Hudson


Theater sketch was in poor taste

I was shocked to read of the arrogance of Erin Gigliello in presenting a biased political hack at a legitimate fundraiser for a worthy cause. Her resignation was nearly immediate as it should have been. It calls into play her judgement as a member of Breckenridge Town Council.

Chris Willard dictated a poorly shaded defense of the bias. Making fun of parking problems, Department of Transportation etc. presents a community issue. Taking swipes at a sitting president is not only immature it is also in bad taste. In my opinion, it reflects more on the bad taste of the individuals involved than the president.

Janell Bednara

Osage, MO

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