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Letters to the Editor: Standing with Summit’s immigrant community

United under a new language

There is a simple lack of understanding that comes from someone who labels undocumented workers, “illegal alien migrants,” as though somehow he thinks he is better than them, “the other.” The Anti-Defamation League cited you in anti-Muslim rhetoric in an article from 2015. This is called judgment, which implies separation. Try walking in someone else’s shoes — it is not that easy to be extorted by federales because you are a Mexican farmer with a large farm and they think you have money.

As Lori Wallach, who works for Global Trade Watchdog states, “With NAFTA, there were 85 million jobs lost for farmers.” Those are two very strong reasons to find a new way to provide for families. Though, migrant numbers are down according to Pew Research. The cheating you speak of, is everywhere. Your dispositionist view reminds me of The Milgram Experiment of the ’60s when Yale doctors were able to get everyday folks to zap their counterparts.

We are all the other, accidentally born here in the U.S. and given the circumstances, we could potentially all cheat. Professor of Cognitive Science at Berkeley, George Lakoff states that there are limited ways of thinking about world views, and many folks do not have the ability to change their brain using unconscious thought due to our neural circuits, which are hardwired and thus diminish our ability to constantly resist.

This brings me to your point of elected officials not doing their jobs. You are correct, they are mostly not. In 2015, Republicans held 200 town meetings to this year’s 88 scheduled meetings. They don’t want to hear what we have to say from our hearts and minds. Yet, we are paying them to work for us.

We need to find new language to work together to create solutions for a more beautiful world for all.

Nancy Hallett


Standing strong and in support

Stand strong Summit County and continue to support our immigrant community. Our country is suffering rocky times, times when thousands of individuals are at risk. In addition to the Muslim ban, the current administration seems determined to repeal the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and destroy families by deporting individuals. Nearly 750,000 people are eligible for DACA, and recipients (often called DREAMers) are allowed to live, work and study in the U.S.

The majority of immigrants living in our country are building strong and healthy lives for themselves and their families. Their economic contribution to our country, especially in Summit County, is essential. However, many are now terribly vulnerable and live under a banner of fear. I’m grateful the SDN highlighted issues in their articles on immigration last week. Summit County does have families who are being threatened. Children attending our schools, able to be here legally through DACA, are worried their parents may be deported.

The alarm has rung, and anxiety is sweeping our country, creating instability and spurring more protests. A mother living in Denver is currently holed up in a church because she was once arrested for driving without a license, and under the new policies, will likely be deported. She has four children. In Seattle, Immigration and Customers Enforcement (ICE) officers arrested a 23-year-old Mexican who’s been living here 15 years and for the past four years under DACA. According to Reuters, Daniel Medina Ramirez has no criminal record. These ridiculous threats and arrests are not only senseless, but they destroy democracy.

Our communities are becoming less safe under the new administration. Living under uncertainty creates panic. Protests have increased. The Republican Party, led by Trump, is shattering the American dream. Immigrants have built our country’s entire infrastructure, and in many cases, have risen to exceptional success. Banning people now, out of fear and unfounded condemnation, is anti-American.

Carrie Brown-Wolf


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