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Letters to the editor: What Republicans stand for

What Republicans stand for

In light of the recent media inflamed domestic terrorism and those efforts to highlight cultural divisions resulting from identity politics, we felt it was important for our community to hear directly from the horse’s (or in this case the elephant’s) mouth about what we believe unites all Americans, so as to avoid any unnecessary misinformation or mischaracterization. We hope you share the following beliefs and share our aspiration to keep the American dream alive above 8,000 feet in Summit County, Colorado.

We believe in:

We The People, not We The Government

Private enterprise jobs creation

Free market enterprise which allows us to prosper and advance

Individual freedom not government oppression

Patriotism under the U. S. Constitution

Personal responsibility

Term limits for Congress

Limited government that protects us, not controls us

Government stay out of personal moral decisions

Helping those less fortunate


Hard work

Faith in God of our Founders

Quality choices in education

Honest and objective media that looks out for We The People

Equal treatment of all races, religions and incomes

Save the earth, keep it clean and green

Main Street instead of Wall Street

Equal tax rates for everyone

Kim McGahey

Chairman, Summit County Republicans

Giving dog rules sharper teeth

I had to respond to Phil Lindeman’s article concerning control of dogs on Summit County trails. Both Phil and Ken Waugh (Dillon Ranger District) point out that the two best ways for dog owners to interact with trail users is to control their dogs at all times and to pick up after their dogs’ excrement. I could not agree more. But the ways to do so expressed in the article leave a lot of room for interpretation. For example, excrement: Every trail user would appreciate if all waste is removed from the trails; not kicked off the trail as recommended in the article, and certainly not just wrapped in a plastic bag and left on the trail for others to view as is too often the case anymore. Take it home — it’s your dog and your waste!! For example, control: Very few dog owners can guarantee that their Fido will obey commands as well out on the trail as they may do in their backyard. The article recommends carrying a leash. Trail users would wholeheartedly recommend to use the leash. The trails and bordering forests are for everyone’s use, not just Fido. A lot of people are skittish around free-roaming dogs, and why should anyone have to move off the trail, dismount a horse or a bike just to ensure that a dog will not interfere with their enjoyment of the outdoors. Keep the poop to yourself and leash your dogs please — for your protection and for other trail users.

Michael Pickell


Drone regulation more complicated than it appears

The front-page article Sunday about drone regulation sets the city and county coffers into a money pit of spending — chasing the tail of the dragon.

What I would like to know is, what is the projectile that law enforcement will use to destroy the drone?

The technology is so advanced that I can sit and watch my friend, an expert pilot, fly three drones simultaneously up and down Main Street in Frisco from his control room in his third floor apartment. How does law enforcement find us? We can simply fly off and land back on any roof anywhere in the neighborhood. Do the keystone cops run around the neighborhood chasing the drones like children?

FAA must put a recoverable I.D. box in each manufactured device like the black box in a plane, and law enforcement must have shoot to kill permissions from the public. Lastly, a projectile must be designed to destroy the device without damaging surrounding property.

This attempt at regulation will start you on a cat and mouse game of additional laws one after another (it is laughable) you need big dollars and big guns to stop this new toy from becoming a daily feature in community life.

Street and field pilots are not even a concern. Control room pilots are your nemesis. They fly by video. So far this regulation only looks at people having fun on the streets. Big deal. Parking ticket. Pilots, like hackers and video game experts, can find the loophole window each time. This is where the real dangerous invasion of privacy exists.

Lawrence Rocman


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