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A lashing for Mr. Liddick (letter)

I’m so glad that once a week we are subjected to the writings of Morgan Liddick to be reminded of the warped worldview of a raving right-wing lunatic. His recent offering on the Baltimore riots was a fine example of his virulent racism, cloaked in buzzwords like “thug” and “absentee fathers,” and offering a scorecard showing that cops die in the line of duty (often at the hands of white criminals) more often than black men do in their custody — barely — as if that is some justification for cops to kill (black) suspects in their custody. He dismisses chants like “black lives matter” as if the content is irrelevant, and he completely misplaces the blame for the riots on a welfare state, because, well, Morgan Liddick is fat and happy and rich, so why should he want to pay to help “those people,” when he is certain that welfare recipients are abusing the social safety net and looting. With his flourishes of archaic syntax and faux intellectual phrasing, his writing is stilted and insufferable as always. Morgan Liddick embodies the term “pompous ass.”

James Baldwin


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