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Abrams: Hurray for Donald Trump (letter)

The Trump candidacy has created a firestorm within the political establishment and the pundits who cover it — that “we the people” would actually consider someone for our highest office who they can’t control.

Trump has the resources to finance his own campaign and be beholding to no one, which I find refreshing. While his “speak” is not always politically correct, he appears to say what he believes, a rarity with most politicians. So, whatever your political affiliation might be, take some time to discern what Mr. Trump has to say.

It won’t be easy to get the truth and the facts, as his opponents and the political establishment will do everything it can to distort the facts and the truth; because if Mr. Trump were to be elected, it would change the political landscape of this country forever. No longer would the special interest groups, the lobbyists, pundits and big money have the clout they have today, and “we the people” might experience some real honest political reform.

Chuck Abrams


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