Anderson: Colorado conservation alive and well (letter) |

Anderson: Colorado conservation alive and well (letter)

I’d like to thank Sen. Mike Bennet following his announcement that he’ll be working in the senate to permanently protect 58,000 acres in the Eagle and Summit Counties. In doing so, he has reaffirmed his commitment, alongside U.S. Representative Jared Polis, to conservation and the protection of our natural environment.

As anyone who has visited Colorado knows, we are blessed with a beautiful state and an abundance of recreational opportunities from hunting, skiing, and hiking to mountain biking. I’m especially supportive of this effort because it has been a community driven process ensuring all existing uses will be permitted when enacted as law.

I encourage the senator to move swiftly as much of Colorado’s pristine wilderness has come under threat from developmental pressures. I applaud him and Polis for stepping up as champions of conservation. Their work toward conserving our beautiful state will be a great legacy for all.

Connie Anderson


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