Bainbridge: Please prohibit pot shots on front page |

Bainbridge: Please prohibit pot shots on front page

Pot shots on the front page

I am a four-year Frisco full-time resident, volunteer in several local philanthropic organizations, full-time ski instructor in winter and am a businessman involved in home building and outdoor home furniture construction.

Needless to say I’m very proud of our community and have always taken interest in promoting the ski business and summer tourist trade in the valley. 

In my 20s my shore duty assignment as a Naval officer was as director of the NW US Navy Drug Abuse Counseling Center. Seeing what marijuana and other drugs did adversely to people’s lives made a big impression on me. 

I know times have changed and the medical use is looking positive for marijuana. Not having law enforcement resources chasing recreational users, as long as they do not drive, is also probably a benefit.

All that being said, I think the number of times we get SDN front page coverage of the marijuana “industry” detracts from the reputation and perhaps even tourism into the valley and Colorado.

One man’s opinion. There are so many other fine things to cover in your paper in this valley. I would be happy to give ideas.

Steve Bainbridge,


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