Bassett: Big ideas for High Country transportation |

Bassett: Big ideas for High Country transportation

Big ideas for High Country transportation

I just read the article about the plans for the I-70 mountain corridor. Bravo for the great ideas! My wife and I have lived in many different cities over the years and saw first hand how they handled traffic problems: In St Louis they re-stripped both I-70 and I-55 to add additional lanes to accommodate the closure of highway 40 for two years. It worked wonderfully. In London, England they have a congestion charge to drive in central London to promote the use of public transportation and help pay for highway improvements. Of course, London has one of the best public transportation systems in the world! The only other idea that I could add to the mix for I-70 solutions would be to ban heavy truck traffic during peak hours to further alleviate congestion and keep the traffic flowing.

Hopefully we will have workable, affordable solutions to the congestion issues that have plagued I70 for decades in the not too distant future. These solutions will benefit all of us that live in the mountains and are dependent on tourism for livelihoods.

Keep the ideas flowing.

Neill Bassett


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