Beavers: Breckenridge ain’t Disneyland bubba |

Beavers: Breckenridge ain’t Disneyland bubba

After reading Larry Horbach’s recent letter, I was a little confused. Part-time resident? Really dude? I’m happy that these types can’t vote in our local elections. Young children? This isn’t Disneyland? It’s dangerous for most adults. Board the purple Goofey Tram for Peak 8! Hemp? I’m not even going to go into this bit of history. Really dude? Attorney general? Really dude? Frustration at the border? State of Colorado officals should have refused his entry into the state. If this is the type of guest Breckenridge is attracting then stay over there Larry. I guess you hit the big time with your timeshare at Beaver Run! Being a Frisco home owner, and full-time resident I take joy that people like Larry, will never be able to afford real estate in Frisco.

Michael Beavers


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