Bird: Up in arms over Obama attack |

Bird: Up in arms over Obama attack

Up in arms over Obama attack

Re: David Hudson’s May 11 letter

Please refrain from coming to Summit County and spend your time in places more conducive to your ideology like Oklahoma, Texas, Alabama, Georgia et al. We do not want to read your party’s lies, obfuscations and utter distortions.

We in Summit County enjoy a great life — no daily hit and runs, no daily murders by guns and a negligible crime rate. Yes, we voted for Obama and are praying to whomever we worship that Romney and his followers of hate and discrimination are left leaderless.

I generally laugh hysterically at you and yours but your party’s attempts at discriminating against certain voters of age, color, sex and sexual orientation have me, shall we say, sick of your kind. I, and many more, fought for our country and have bled and died for our freedoms to vote. Your party’s efforts to discriminate against women, gays, peoples of color and the poor are utterly sickening, but that’s your ideology apparently.

W. Gerald Bird Jr., Dillon

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